The Scarlet Raven

I am ecstatic that my week is ending on a happy note. My first semester of my second year in college has officially ended and I received a copy of my grades two days ago, and I'm happy to say that I passed all of my classes with high scores! Now I have nothing else to worry about and I can finally enjoy the rest of my semester break.

Today was also the enrollment for the next sem, and this is what I wore to school:

I am absolutely addicted to blazers and I chose a bold red one for my OOTD. I believe that wearing a blazer over an otherwise simple ensemble can instantly transform your look into a more glamorous one.

As usual, I tried to go for a "preppy" look, and I paired my blazer with a simple black tee with a sewn-in necktie. I didn't want to end up looking too formal though, so I completed my outfit by choosing graphic printed leggings. As for my accessories, I kept it simple, opting for my white Chanel watch and Louis Vuitton speedy.

My red blazer is from the online Facebook store The Posh Wardrobe. I just love that shop! They have so many stylish clothes, and more importantly, a great selection of blazers.

The Louis Vuitton bag I'm using right now is the first ever designer bag that I purchased back when I was still living in Thailand. I'm not sure many of you know this, but my father was actually the Ambassador of the Philippines to Thailand, and I've spent most of my life in different countries.

Even now that my handbag collection has grown, this Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 will always be my favorite. It's just so versatile and functional.

SCARLET BLAZER from The Posh Wardrobe
PREPPY SHIRT from Chinatown
SPEEDY 30 HANDBAG from Louis Vuitton
J12 WATCH from Chanel
STATEMENT NECKLACE from Chick Flick Collection

What do you guys think of my outfit? Would love and appreciate your thoughts and comments :)



  1. Lovely blazer. I totally agree with you, a blazer can take a normal outfit into the classy zone in seconds.

  2. hey kylie love ur blog hahaha

  3. Kylie!!!! ;) I adore your blazers (even from your previous look).

  4. So true with the blazer, it can totally change the whole look into classic, sophisticated one. I love you bag too! ^_^

  5. SO pretty love the pants.

  6. Gorg! Love the whole mix and match thing. :)

  7. What a good way to celebrate ending your semester. love the bag! Thanks for your comment on my blog by the way :)

    Thirdbite | style blog

  8. I like your red blazer. :) So chic! And of course your LV speedy. :)

    xx Diana

  9. Not sure if we have the same coat, or same color maybe? HAHA. Love your outfit dear. I'd love to stay connected. Following you bloglovin, follow back? :)

    Kisses ♥

  10. ahh loove the blazer! xx

    <(") Hoda

  11. Congratulations on passing all your grades with high grades! Loving your outfit!

    Delightful Ideas
    SmartyPants Giveaway

  12. Looove your pants and I love that you combined it whit such a bold color jacket!

  13. love the blazers and the trousers

  14. I like how you put a bright color blazer on your black and white outfit <3
    That is a cool pants by the way :)


  15. Love the blazer and the LV bag! ;) thank you for visiting my little blog Kyle. ;)

    Ericka of

  16. CUTE!! I love the red blazer. I have a blue blazer that kind of looks like yours! But it's from Forever 21. I followed you. Follow back, please?
    Thanks love. ♡
    ~ M

  17. I'm still in search of a good red blazer. HUHU Good combo with the blazer and houndstooth jeans. Kudos for pulling it off!

  18. Hello dear.. Thanks for visiting my blog ha. You should watch youtube videos on flower crown d.i.ys. Madali lang gumawa. ;) if ever you like we can follow and support each other's blog. See you!

    Your new follower,

  19. Hey Kyle! I must agree with you that blazers really do wonders on one's outfit. Lakas maka-sosyal! :) And you houndstooth leggings are to die for! Must get my hands on them. :) and thanks for dropping by my blog.


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