I Want It All

It's almost December, and while for most people that means Christmas is right around the corner, for me it's just a reminder that my birthday (December 7) is approaching once again. I'm not going to mention my age here, but let's just pretend I'm turning 18 lol (for the record, I'm actually way older). And while I would love to rant about how I'm not looking forward to growing older and how I wish time could slow down sometimes, I'm going to refrain from doing so. Instead I'm just going make a really quick Birthday Wishlist to keep the mood of this blog post light :) And I'm hoping my friends and family are reading this (hint, hint).

Five things I want for my "18th" birthday:

1) Hermes Kelly

Okay, so this is probably something that I'm least likely to get this year. My dad told me point-blank that the red Birkin he gave me two years ago was the first and last Hermes bag I'll ever get from him. But it never hurts to dream, right? Maybe one day when I finally have a decent job I'll be able to buy this for myself.

There's just something about the Kelly that is starting to appeal to me. I used to like Birkins because they're very exclusive which makes it hard for anyone to get their hands on one, but lately I've fallen in love with the Kelly's simplicity. I don't really have a specific color that I'm lusting over, but pink would be a great addition to my bag collection ;)

2) "Arctic Monkeys" Shirt

People who know me personally are very much aware of the fact that I am in love with Arctic Monkeys. They've been my favorite indie band since 2005 and my obsession with them just keeps on growing. It's strange, though, because I just realized I don't own any Arctic Monkeys merchandise yet. Even though I'm not really the type who wears band shirts, I wouldn't think twice about wearing an Arctic Monkeys one.

3) Blazers

Most women have an addiction to shoes, but I personally have a strong love for blazers. Although I have so many already, I'm always lusting for more and wouldn't mind getting them for my birthday. Color and style doesn't really matter. As long as it's a blazer, chances are I'll love it.

4) Logan Lerman

I know, I know. . . I probably won't be getting him for my birthday this year either. But this is my wishlist, and Logan Lerman is definitely a part of it, no matter how unlikely it may be that I'll actually get him.

I've liked Logan ever since I watched the first Percy Jackson movie and, well. . . Like I said, it never hurts to dream.

5) Happiness

What I want for my birthday this year is, most of all, happiness. This year has been filled with so much negativity in my life and I honestly would love to be just happy for once. I'm tired of caring about people who do not care about me, worrying about what others are saying about me, missing friends who do not miss me, and trying to mend friendships with people who could not care less. When I finally turn [insert age here] next month, I'm hoping to find the strength to stop holding on to things that do not want to be held on to, and finally let go. . .

And with that, my lovely readers, I am ending this blog post. Yes, I am fully aware that December 7 is still a few weeks away, but I made this wishlist to give you all ample time to shop for me lol.

Just kidding :) Sorta. . .



  1. The handbag its so pretty.

  2. oh Logan! aren't you the most beautiful/hottest demi god ever? Now you tell me :)


  3. the bag is cute

  4. I share your addiction to blazers! I mean, they just go with anything and make any outfit rock!

  5. Hahhah...such a fun post..your dad gave you a birkin? Dang girl! Maybe the band shirt this time? It looks so cool

    - Che


  6. thanks for your comment!
    your blog is amazing :)




  7. Blazers are on my wishlist too. Lol. That's what happens when you are a chronic power dresser!


  8. Great post! I love all the items, especially the blazer. I really like your blog, I'm following you now on bloglovin. Checkout my blog and if you like it follow me too, let's keep in touch :D



  9. I wish you get your wishlist on your birthday, well at least half of it <3

    Wish you more happiness babe ;)


  10. I guess I am older than you...
    Actually I hate my age sometimes...not catching my youth and beauty.
    But even if I'm not young any longer, I will be always fashion with myself!
    Wish you can get the gifts you want!

  11. Hehe, fun wishlist! I hope you do get some of these things for your upcoming birthday! :)

    Away From The Blue

  12. would you believe? we have the same bday!! haha. and i was about to post my bday wishlist earlier today but i realized i haven't made up my mind yet. well anyway, you have a nice wishlist over here. advance happy bday to us! :)

  13. Advance Happy Birthday Kylie!!!! I hope you get whatever it is that you want for your Birthday. You can now cross out number 5. I've read your previous post and you chose happiness. Yayyy! That's great. <3 I hope I can have Harry Styles & Dave Franco for my Birthday. Hahahaha omggggg. Anyway, I can't wait for your Birthday Post. x


  14. December 7 is you birthday. Well that's the 6th installment of Bloggers United. Will you be there? I will be! I hope i can see and greet you a happy happy birthday! :D


  15. The bag is so pretty! I hope you get everything on your bday! Have a happy and memorable one :)


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