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There's something about black and white outfits that I just love. This basic two-tone color palette looks very sophisticated and regal if done right, and to me it really exudes a kind of vintage elegance. When I think of black and white ensembles, I immediately think of some of my most iconic fashion idols like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and the timeless Coco Chanel.

Today, I tried to put together an outfit that looks youthful and funky while still keeping that classic feel.

Since the whole outfit is already monochrome, I chose to wear leggings with a very bold and loud print to make up for the fact that I'm not wearing any striking colors. This prevents the look from being too basic because the pattern is so eye-catching.

BLACK SHIRT from Chinatown
GRAPHIC LEGGINGS from Clue Boutique

In order not to take any attention away from the intricate design of the leggings, I just paired it with a very simple tuxedo blazer from Tomato.

Fashion tip: It's nice to own at least one basic tuxedo blazer because the simplicity of it makes it such a versatile item of clothing. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion and it really switches up your look. You can wear it over a cocktail dress for a dinner party, pair it with a nice top and jeans for a casual chic vibe on a regular day out, or you can even wear an oversized tuxedo over a tank top and shorts for a cool laidback feel. The possibilities are endless!

 Although my outfit was inspired by classic vintage Hollywood stars, I can tell you one thing that differentiates me from them. I'm definitely a lot edgier with my personal style, and while Audrey Hepburn was famous for wearing pearls, I prefer wearing studs ;) Hence the reason I chose this studded clutch bag from Aldo.

Now it wouldn't be a complete "Kylie" outfit without a necklace, now would it? I got this one from Chick Flick (as usual lol). The huge pearls still give my outfit a touch of Audrey.

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know by leaving a comment below :)



  1. Beautiful outfit doll.

  2. i'm in love with this! great post x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  3. Great post! xx Your blog's theme is really cool! and also your photos!
    Now i follow you! Follow me back!

    My blog. :) Live my life

  4. great blazer :)

  5. cool outfit as always Kyle! thanks a lot for visiting my blog again,it's always nice to hear from you :))
    couldn't agree with you more about owning a blazer! I have mine too and it's overused by me hahaha
    hope to hear from you again!btw I love the new layout! ;)

    love lots,

  6. stunning style xx

  7. I really like your outfit posts! You always get to pull off everything you wear! :)


  8. love the outfit,love the clutch


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