TREND ALERT: The Crystal Spike

Earlier this year, studded headbands were considered as the hottest accessories of the moment. And then not long after that, flower crowns started appearing all over the place. So what's next after the studs and flowers have finally worn out their welcome in the ever-changing culture of fashion? Well, as it turns out, now we're about to start wearing crystals on our heads.

As most of you know by now, I spent my entire teenage years in Thailand, and when my family and I finally came back to the Philippines in late 2010, I've religiously kept in touch with all of my Thai friends. Because of this, I've been able to stay up-to-date with all of the latest trends and styles in Bangkok. What I've noticed is that the Philippines is quite delayed when it comes to fashion. Flower crowns were such a huge hit in Thailand back in 2011, but it seems like they only started to make their mark here in Manila a few months ago. I'm hoping to be able to use this blog to inform Filipinas about up-and-coming trends all over Asia so that we can all stay ahead of the local fashion crowd.

This headband is called "Crystal Spike" and it originated from Bangkok. Some of my Thai socialite friends decided to open a store two years ago and sell unique and flashy handmade accessories, and this was one of their creations. There are two versions of this funky headband: One was made with real Swarovski crystals and retailed for THB2,500 (around PHP3000), and the other was made with fake crystals and sold for a mere THB150 (PHP200). What a price difference, right?

I personally own both versions but the one I'm wearing in the photos is the one with fake crystals. I figured that living in the Philippines it was better (and safer) to wear fake diamonds on my head lol :)

Luckily one of my friends came to visit the Philippines and she so kindly bought a few for me. Here's a photo of me wearing it in school:


I wish I'd shown the full view of my blazer in that photo as well but I forgot to take a full-body shot that day. It's one of my favorite blazers because it actually has a vest attached and the details at the back is quite nice. Oh well. Next time :)

Do you think the headband's too "crazy"? Or would you actually wear one? I personally love it because it's a little "out there". Fashion is supposed to be a fun way to express yourself and I've never been afraid to wear what I want. I love the quirky vibe of this headband and it's such an eye-catching piece! Trust me, no one ever ignores me when I wear this. Plus, you can also wear it as a fab accessory to parties.

As it turns out, it looks like this trend is slowly taking over the Philippines now. Check out these two fashionable Filipinas I've seen sporting the unique headpiece!

Let me know what you think of this headband! I'm curious to see if a lot of people would actually wear it.



  1. Wow! I didn't know that were a bit late when it comes to Fashion Trends. So how was your life in Thailand? Do you prefer living here or there? Floral Crowns are very trendy and yeah.... mainstream. Hahaha! Swarovski Crystals are really expensive and you can really see the difference of style and quality between the fake and the original crystals. Post more looks wearing the crystal spike and be one of the trendsetters here in the Philippines.

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  3. ohhh it also hasnt reached kenya is also behind lol

  4. The necklace looks amazing on you! In fact EVERYTHING looks amazing on you. haha. You're soo pretty :)


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  6. Your blazers are so nice! Especially the one in the second picture! You are definitely working that hairband!:)
    So, just to be sure, you're a Filipina but lived in Thailand your whole teenage life?:D

    ♥ Charms | my ∞ fashion confession

  7. That headband is so cool! It's such a statement peace! XO

  8. You girl, rocking those headbands!!!

  9. The headband looks good on you! now i want want!

  10. So cute! For me para siyang tiara. Wearing this will make me feel like a queen! <3 Would love to own one too! ^_^


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