Unleash Your Inner Androgyny

Oftentimes fashion draws a line that separates women's fashion from men's fashion. Although women are known to borrow items that are better suited in men's closets and make them look sexy, men generally stay away from women's clothes.

This is where ANDROGYNE MANILA comes in. ANDROGYNE MANILA is a Philippine clothing store that dares to blur the lines between femininity and masculinity, offering unique and trendy clothes that appeal to both sexes. Initially, the brand only had one store located in Market, Market, and people who lived farther away had no choice but to order clothes from ANDROGYNE MANILA's online Facebook shop. But all that has changed now that a second branch of the store has opened here in the south, specifically in Alabang Town Center!

The new store in ATC is located in the Upper Ground Connector Mall under the name BODY WAVE. The shop has such an eye-catching display that you're sure not to miss it.

The one thing that I absolutely love about this brand is the fact that there is so much variety when it comes to their selection of clothes! From uber-masculine shirts to playful food sweaters and The Simpsons-themed denim outerwear, there is definitely something that will appeal to everyone, regardless of one's style preference. 

Feeling a bit cool and trendy? Why not opt for this camouflage-print jacket? The studs at the collar give it just the right amount of edge. Guys can wear this with neutral colored pants for a simple yet stylish look, and girls can also wear it oversized for a laidback vibe, or even as a "dress" (just add a belt over the waist to give it that feminine shape).

The store's collection of shoes and jeans is also worth checking out. I personally love this acid-washed skinny jeans. You can wear it with a simple tee for a dressed-down look, or add a blazer and the right accessories to glam it up a bit. It all depends on you and your style.

And if you wanna unleash your inner child, you can also choose from a wide range of shirts and tank tops that feature some of the most iconic cartoons in history, like Mickey Mouse and The Simpsons.

So if you're looking for ultra stylish clothes that are trendy yet very affordable, choose ANDROGYNE MANILA/Style Wave! Whether you're living in Manila or the South, looking fashionable just got easier. And if you live somewhere that's too far from either store, there's no excuse, because the brand's Facebook online shop can still cater to your needs. Unleash your inner androgyny right from the comfort of your own home by clicking here.

As for me, stay tuned for my coming blog posts wearing some of the androgynous stuff I just bought ;)



  1. The food sweaters! <3


  2. Awesome! Seems like they have many great things ^^


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  3. great post!

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  4. great post!

    I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog, please join! :) xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.com)

  5. wow, love those unique fashion!


  6. people will really glad to shop there xx

  7. They have such a cool stuff, I love that mickey tee! XO


  8. Great post and clothes! =)
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  9. cool!I love pieces that can be used by both males and females. I'm a big hoarder of printed tees and sweaters. Sometimes I even borrow pieces from my brother's closet hahaha
    Like ko yang camouflage-printed jacket sa pic,always wanted to have one kaya lng ang mahal di pasok sa banga hehehe
    great post btw kylie! thanks for staying in touch <3

    love lots,


  10. Nice collection. Would love the shoes!

  11. Cute items!! And oh my gosh, I see a lot of Creeper shoes!! I wish I can go to that store. :( Thanks for sharing the photos! xx

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
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  12. adore some of the jumpers here..

    thank you for dropping by :) would you like to follow each other?

  13. lovely blog :)

  14. beautiful! Keep up the great work in your blog…
    Wish you a rocking week ahead of you,
    Kisses from Miami,

  15. I love their clothes! they have unique pieces! <3 I think I've been there at ATC :D

  16. Hi visiting from Reasonstodress.com ... who would have knows there was a store like this!! Absolutely fascinating!


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