Which Shoes Do I Choose?

This past week has been incredibly uneventful and I've spent the majority of it at home, eager to avoid the scorching weather outside. When I wasn't busy eating all the food I could find around my house, I was either watching my new Korean drama obsession ("Flower Boy: Ramen Shop"), or spending most of my free time "window" shopping online. I don't know why but I've suddenly acquired a strange new addiction to footwear. So when I found four pairs of shoes that I liked on Dressale.com, I found myself caught in a typical shopaholic dilemma: Which one should I buy? So, I decided ask for your help in choosing the right pair! Here are my picks:

If you've been a follower of my blog since the beginning, then I'm sure you're very familiar with my personal style. Since I tend to wear a lot of sandals and boots, I figured I should start wearing some sneakers for a change. Which one do you think is best out of these four choices? Which one would suit me the most? I'd love to know your opinion! Hopefully you can all tell me your thoughts by leaving a comment below and help me out of this dilemma! Looking forward to hearing your opinions :)



  1. I love either number 1 or 4! Stylish!

  2. Love all 4! I only wear sneakers if they are particularly nice, but I would totally wear all of these!


  3. All of them looks unique and almost the same. I'm having a hard time too Kylie. But I guess my choices will go down to numbers 1 and 2. I love the first one kasi pwede mu ma match sa kahit na anong outfit kasi balck tapos classy din ang dating ng gold. Number 2 is the same also, mas head turner lng :))
    btw, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award in my blog :)))


    please do check it out if you have time,and of course, thank you for inspiring me. For a moment you brought sunshine in my life as you made me smile :))

    love lots,

  4. I love numbe 2 definitely! I'm also into golds and shimmer lately :) love the designs of the other too :) but yea, go fo #2 hihi :D

  5. I vote #1 - you can't beat classic black!

    Tara x

  6. If I were to choose I'd definitely pick Number 1! I think it's the easiest to wear and style :) But of course for you, I think all these would look great! It would be interesting to see how you'd style 2 and 4, if you get them :)

  7. I like the second and fourth pair but in fact I wouldn't be able to choose either xD


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