I've wanted to be a style blogger way before I actually started this blog. At the time, I was hesitant about doing it because I had so many insecurities and thoughts running through my mind. Would anyone even read my blog? Would anyone care? Would I be able to pull it off? These doubts kept preventing me from actually going ahead and doing what I wanted to do. 

Now, many of you might not know this, but the one person that really inspired me was Camille Co. I'm sure you all know her by now. After all, she's one of the top bloggers here in the Philippines, and her personal style is being recognized worldwide. On top of that, she's also a designer. If there's anyone I aspire to be like, it's definitely Camille Co.

Imagine my elation when I was one of the few people she invited to her birthday dinner last night! I have to be honest, I was extremely nervous! On the days leading up to the dinner, I was stressing out about what to wear LOL. After all, it's not everyday that one can have dinner with their fashion icon, and I did not want to disappoint Camille!

In order to spare you all from being bombarded by so many photos of the event, I will be dividing this post into two parts.

Being as excited as I was, I was one of the few who arrived early at the dinner, which took place in the Early Bird Breakfast Club at the Century City Mall. We all waited eagerly at the outdoor dining area for Camille to arrive.

When the doors opened and we were finally allowed to take our seats inside, I was taken aback by the interior design of the restaurant. I hadn't eaten there before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everything looked so cute and cozy, and the restaurant had an overall comfortable feel. Each of us in attendance were given pink bags filled with all sorts of goodies courtesy of Camille and her sponsors.

Finally, after much anticipation, Camille Co arrived, looking as stylish as ever!

I have to say that the food at the Early Bird Breakfast Club was simply superb! We were served a three-course meal complete with appetizer, a main course, and dessert.

What struck me the most was how beautifully plated each dish was. They all seemed like works of art, and to be honest, I didn't want to eat any of it because I didn't want to ruin the design LOL!

After eating, it was time for Camille Co to share a special announcement.

Now, I can't tell you what the announcement was. I'm sworn to secrecy! But let's just say that bigger and better things are coming for Camille, and I am so proud of her and all that she's achieving.

After the announcement, it was time for a little fun and games. Aside from the goody bags we all received, Camille still had a few prizes to give away, including boxes of Olay Regenerist, SM Accessories GC's, and Vidal Sassoon products. That's how generous she is. It was HER birthday celebration, but WE ended up getting gifts!

It was so surreal to be able to have dinner with my idol and actually have long conversations with her. Camille was extremely nice and she engaged each of us in lengthy conversations, and she even gave me advice about my plans after college and my dreams of becoming a writer, lawyer, and stylist. I learned so much from her that night. She really is the complete package -- beautiful inside and out, and very smart, humorous, and down-to-earth as well.

She even signed my goody bag!

Before I end this post, here's a photo of me with the chef of the Early Bird Breakfast Club. He's quite good-looking, right? LOL.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, with more photos of the dinner and detailed shots of my OOTD. Cheers to my newfound friendships from last night!



  1. Aww. I envy you but I know you deserved it! :) Looks like you really had fun.

    *Ang ganda ng arrangements ng food. Haha. :)


  2. OMG! Camille Co!!! :) I love her. <3 She's so gorgeous and stunning. (Happy Birthday Camille) You're so lucky Kylie! :) I wanna meet her too. She's one of my favorite fashion bloggers here in the Philippines. Can I guess the secret announcement? Haha, is it an app? Anyway, I like your ootn during the dinner party. Very sophisticated. and oh, before I end my comment I'd like to say Hi to the good-looking Early Bird Breakfast Club's Chef. Hahaha! =)) <3 Have a nice day Kylie!

    x, shekinahjoy.com
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  3. Oh my!!.. I envy you.. I so love Camille Co!.. I'm a big fan as well,,but I was busy with work so I can't really join her birthday..awww! nakakainggit ka ! ..


  4. Awww that's so cool! I'm sure I would've been as nervous and excited as you were if I got the chance to have dinner and be able to meet someone I'm a fan of! Haha :) The interior of the restaurant does look really cute too! And your outfit is gorgeous. I'm sure you didn't disappoint her at all :)

  5. She's amazing!

    The Cutielicious

  6. Wowwwww! You're so lucky Kyle! Been wanting to meet her in person and ito pa exclusive dinner with her <3 Namigay siya ng Olay Pro-x! OMG <3 Happy for you Kyle! I also love your outfit here :)

  7. Amazing!! Xx


  8. OMG! What an amazing opportunity! And she is sooo beautiful!


  9. wow! amazing and super cute!

    my blog:

  10. Beautiful! Love the white shirt!
    Come by soon!


  11. Camille has an incredible style and I love her blog, it's very inspiring! And wow, you're so lucky to be invited to her birthday party, wish I was there too haha, congrats Kyle! =D



  12. Oh I didn't know about her, I really don't know many Philippine blogers! Glad you met your inspiration! xoxo


  13. Loving the top! Very positive blog - just followed! Please check out my blog and follow back if you like it! It would mean a lot to me! Thanks! :)


  14. Thanks for your comment on my blog)))Would you like to follow each other via GFC? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  15. awww... <3 I will totally got nervous too if I was one of the readers who got invited! You're so lucky to meet her in person. :) I agree, gwapo ang chef! :P

    Can't wait for your ootds! :)


  16. What a lovely event! Everything looks so pretty and delicious!


  17. same feeling days before I met Kryz Uy! confused on what to wear! HAHA!
    so happy you were invited! OMG! lucky photos and poses(chos!) with Camille Co! :)))


  18. It had to be great event! You look so lovely in this outfit, I adore your necklace <3


  19. Omgosh i envy you!!! <3 Seems like you had a lot of fun!! She's so so pretty! And you look stunning as well!! <3


  20. Love her style! ;-)


  21. Wow so lucky of you to have had dinner with her! She really is such an inspiration :) so jelly!!! Hehe

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  22. Wow, that must have been so amazing for you!




  23. Love the shorts dear!

    New post! http://hiddenndreamms.blogspot.com

  24. OMG!You're so lucky!!

    Looks like you really enjoyed being with her! She looks really humble!!

  25. Dang you're lucky girl! I only saw Camille once, but I was too shy to ask for a photo...I'd be nervous too if she invited me to her birthday! :)



  26. OMG!!!you're so lucky Kylie!!!! inggit much ako hahahahaa I'm such a fan of Camille and of course you! too bad she's Manila based :( I hope I'll see her someday :)))

    love lots,


  27. ohhh, lucky you! She's such an inspiration!!!

    Best, H

  28. Aww, Camille is so FAB and you as well! you're so lucky!


  29. Camille is really one of my favorite bloggers too! I love how she
    entertains her fans. totoong tao tlga, ang she even replies when one comments on her blog too! di tulad ng ibang bloggers sumikat (or feeling sikat) lng di na namamansin. haha sshhh anyway I also wish her all the best!~ pag ikaw naman sumikat ng todo Kylie,wag mo kaming kalimutan ha? hehehe
    swerte mo tlga Kylie! gwapo ni chef! ahahhaa lol

    love lots,



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