How To Make Gift Cards Cool!

Creativity generates wonderful art. It’s the spirit of determination and perseverance that makes a creative minds work. It’s always the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving. However, a present can be well appreciated if it is full of romantic, precious and fantastic designs. Even you yourself would want to receive gifts wrapped in the coolest way possible that looks like a great work of art. Don’t deny it! We know it’s the truth.

Gift cards can be given by being placed in a simple envelope. However, it would be more appreciated if the box or the envelope was handcrafted by the one who gave it. With a little effort put into it, the receiver would feel so special and cared for. It doesn’t need to be expensive - it just needs a lot of creativity. It doesn’t really matter if the materials used are cheap either. As long as the creative thoughts flow, then it could look like it came from an expensive shop.

Try crafting a cool gift card box from empty thumbtack boxes. We assure you that this box would not cost you a lot of money. Simply sparkle the box with a touch of glitter, which you can do on your own. All you need is an empty thumbtack box, glitter and mod podge. With these materials, you can have a glittery box for gift cards. If there is an outside tab in the box, just carefully snap it off. Next, separate the two sides. Spread some mod podge inside the box, spill some glitter and then shake off excess glitter into a trash can to avoid making a mess. Dry it out. When it dries, spread another mod podge on top of the glitter for sealing so that the glitter does not spread inside the box. Done! You just finished a glittery gift card box.

Don’t want a box? You can still apply your crafty skills to another kind of gift card holder - you just need a felt with an attractive color! Get a template for an envelope. Cut it patterned with the template with the use of the scissors. Connect the edges by stitching it. You can also stitch the words you want to say at the back of the card or in front of it. Now, you can put the gift card inside. It’s that easy. Easy with fun creativity.

Simple things can turn into something spectacular and useful, just with a little bit of effort and creativity.


  1. That looks soo cool! I'm one of those people who love being creative with gift cards and gift wraps.. and it also shows that we made an effort for someone to make things even more special. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

  2. Super smart & cool! xxx

  3. very sweet idea,so nice
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  4. They are adorable. I am sure who every you gift them to will enjoy.

  5. I love this! So cute. I actually created a box to put in my gift for my husband and I was so giddy I did it on my own. LOL

  6. Wow! I love wrapping gifts so this is very helpful. It looks so cute Kylie. I love what you've done. I always enjoy giving creative touch in my gift cards. This is very helpful Kylie. Actually, I'm making business cards now for my friends haha

    love lots,

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