CLOSET STAPLE: The Classic Cardigan

It's official.The rainy season is in full force now here in the Philippines. Quite frankly, I hate it. I do not like the rain at all. The humidity makes it even worse, because it makes my hair all frizzy and puffy (I don't consider myself a vain person, but I do like my hair pretty and manageable, and whenever I have a bad hair day my entire mood gets affected and I become extremely moody lol). 

So what do I wear on a rainy day? Well, I'm afraid to say that comfort wins over style this time around. Like I said, the gloomy weather dampened my spirits when the rain dampened my hair, so I didn't have the motivation to dress up nicely.

Since I've been talking about closet staples lately, I thought it would be nice to continue and make it an official "series" here on my blog. Expect more posts in the future regarding classic pieces that I believe everyone should have in their closets.

A cardigan is definitely a versatile piece of clothing, and that's one of the reasons why it's become my go-to outerwear for any occasion. I typically wear them in bright colors like this yellow one because it can instantly transform a boring outfit into something more lively, but if you want, you can also go for more subdued versions like the classic black or white. You can wear it over a dress for a casual date, or over your uniforms in school just to change up your look a bit, or you can also wear a cardigan over a basic top for a regular day out. 

JEANS from Forever 21
TOP from Just G
CARDIGAN from Zara
BAG from Chanel
SHOES from Step Rite
RING from Accessorize
NECKLACE from Edge of Style


  1. You look so nice ;)

  2. I don't like rain when im going out, because it ruins my outfit like srsly, but when im home i like it when it rains so that i could cuddle up with my favorite book. Anyways, i love this casual yet chic look Kylie and that cardigan and flats is <3

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  3. So chic outfit. Love the bag and the shoes.

  4. Beautiful combo, love the colors. The necklace is amazing as well as the shoes. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  5. You're right, cardigans are a must in our wardrobe. I love your fashion advices! And even when you think you didn't dressed up nicely, it turned out very stylish, and I always love how you accessorize your looks. : )


  6. I hate rain too, so I know what mean. :) I love your shoes, you look amazing in this item, and it's have great pattern, my dear!

  7. You look stunning.Love the pairing and that sweater adds a right amount of colour.

  8. Nothing is better than put on the bright yellow on a rainy day:). such a cute combined.

  9. This jacket is beautiful!!!
    Perfect look and adorable make up
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  10. The yellow top looks great on you! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  11. Amazing cardigan, it gave a cool pop of color! =)


  12. I always love the yellow and blue color combo. And yes, comfort over style for me too when raining! And if I can only wear pajamas to work, I will! LOL :)

  13. Loving the yellow cardigan with those blue flats, great combo! xo

  14. love the preppy vibe to this!!! great pop of color!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  15. Totally adds a pop of color to the outfit! love it.

    Our Life is Beautiful

  16. the yellow/blue combo is one of my fave, but I never try on me! You look awesome as always! Nice style and taste!
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  17. perfect cardigan!

  18. I love wearing cardigans, they are so versatile and practical! This yellow one looks great!

  19. super love your necklace! cute din ng blazer at top mo dear :)

  20. Seriously I just love your fashion sense, love the yellow and the blue combo.

  21. Chob the blazer's colour mak. It looks very summery!

  22. flawwwwwwless <3

  23. I love the combo of yellow and blue in your outfit here Kylie! looking so fab! I'm not a big fan of yellow but I must admit the color of your cardigan is amazing!Black lng ata meron ako na kulay sa mga cardigan ko haha must try bolder colors soon ;)

    love lots,


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