BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Mira Marisara (1 Dress, 3 Looks)

As some of you know, I actually grew up in Thailand even though I'm an American-born Filipino. My family and I relocated to Bangkok back in 2003 when my dad became an Ambassador, and we spent 8 years there before we were finally recalled back to the Philippines. I was only 12 years old when we arrived in Thailand, and I was almost 20 when we left.

Although I am now happily residing in Manila, I still consider myself "Thai" in every sense of the word and I am still eager to support Thai fashion designers (a lot of my high school friends now have their own clothing lines).

That's why when I was contacted by Mira Marisara to do a product review for her clothing brand, I immediately said yes! A few days later, this dress arrived on my doorstep. 

I've always wanted to be a stylist for other people, and even though I can see myself going into journalism after finishing college, I think I'm still going to be a stylist on the side. For this blog post, I decided to test out my skills and asked my friend Mycah Puno to model the Marisara dress for me. I ended up styling three different looks that suit three different occasions.

1) The Dinner Date

For this first look, I decided to have my model wear the dress as is without adding any accessories. I opted to style her in bright yellow heels because it complements the blue color of the dress really well.

You can wear this when going out on a fancy dinner date with your boyfriend (or "soon-to-be" boyfriend lol). On dates, it's best to dress up extra nice without overdoing it, because you'd want to look good but not in a way that looks like you're trying too hard to impress. By wearing this dress by itself and relying on your shoes for a pop of color, it creates just the right vibe.

2) The Casual Chic

See how layering and accessories can really change up a look? Just by adding a hat and a jacket tied around her waist, it resulted in a completely different ensemble that's perfect for a casual day out when you still want to look extra stylish. Now, when I say "casual day out", of course it depends on the location. I wouldn't recommend you to wear this when you're just going to, say, the supermarket lol. However, this would be ideal for a shopping trip to places like Greenbelt or The Fort.

3) The Formal Event

If you're going to a formal event, I would personally style this dress with gold shoes, but it depends on your own preference of course. For a subtle touch of elegance, wear a statement necklace (preferably pearls because they exude an aura of sophistication).

What do you think of these three looks that I styled? Which one is your personal favorite? Do let me know by leaving a comment below. I appreciate all of your insights!

Now, here's a quick description of the Marisara brand as well as its design aesthetics and philosophy.


"We believe in true beauty, not distortion."

"It is our job to design and make clothes that compliment women's bodies and enhance their natural figures. No matter if you're big or small, tall or short, all women are beautiful. Our commitment to our customers is to do our best to come up with the designs that will charm, not harm, our ladies. We are not making size "0", as we believe in keeping it REAL."

I don't know about you, but personally I am in complete support of the brand and its principles. For more about Marisara, click here.



  1. Love the colour of this dress, it is very versatile in my occasions!

  2. Pretty dress, love the cut-out sleeves. I definitely love the third look ; )


  3. I love this lookbook! You did good styling with the dress and we're the same. I wanna be a stylist too ♥

    Check out how we style our Dr. Martens! Visit:
    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

  4. I love the dress and its color! But how you styled it is just amazing! Love the 2nd and 3rd look! Great job Kylie!

    Visit my blog:

  5. Very nice dress and cute color combo!! kisses!!

  6. Amazing dress! You look lovely

  7. that's a beautiful dress! its so cool that your high school friends are designers now :)

  8. I love the last one! The dress is complimented so nicely by the gold. Lovely!

  9. Lovely dress. Love the different ways you styled it.

    Made in Mauve

  10. gorgeous that dress,beautiful on you
    thanks for your comment darling
    have a nice day

  11. You've done a great job styling this perfect dress and I especially love the third and final look! I love the colour of the dress by the way, cobalt blue is a total favourite of mine! :)
    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


  12. Love the 3 different styling
    Very stunning

  13. Gorgeous pics and dress! Cobalt blue is a fave of mine, and you wear it well. :) T.

  14. You did a great job, I love the second look the best! xo

  15. Love the blue dress! I love the way she poses in every photos, so glam :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  16. Beautiful look dear!

  17. I like all of the styles. Way to go, babe! Speaking of Thailand, Mario Maurer were here in Cebu, I missed it. -_- I can't wait for you to have more styling, hope to be one of your models soon! :D



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