Today I will be introducing you to one of my favorite fashion muses.

As a fashion blogger, I am heavily inspired by many of the people around me. I study their outfits and try to incorporate certain elements of their looks into my own personal style. Usually I'm more of a "high fashion" type of person but lately I've found myself being drawn to grungier street styles. One reason for this is Aye Valdez, the owner of the Instagram store @shop.teenidle where I got my customized plaid shirt from my last blog post (see here).

Aye's fashion sense really caught my eye because of her "effortlessly cool" ensembles which are a mixture of casual chic and grunge with a little "devil may care" attitude thrown into it.

The way she dresses is the complete opposite of me -- I'm known for being a little over-the-top sometimes whereas Aye is quite minimalist. Instead of piling on the accessories like I do, she relies mostly on one classic piece like a gold chain necklace in order to make a statement. In fact, I often browse through her Instagram feed whenever I'm in need of some fashion inspiration. 

I was able to catch up with her a couple of days ago and managed to do a quick Q&A interview with her. Read on below to get to know more about her, her style, and who inspires her sartorially. 

Q & A

Describe your personal style.
Laid back & quirky. Big fan of OG fashion!

What's your must-have closet staple?
A plaid shirt! It goes with just about anything you pair it with. Plaids are my go-to outfit to be honest haha!

Who's your fashion inspiration?
Rihanna!!! Also, fashion blogger Liz Mariah Villaflor.

Why did you decide to start an online shop?
It all happened so fast haha. 'Twas October last year when me and my 16-year old cousin decided to sell some of our pre-loved clothes online. My goal was to save at least P3000 before Christmas for a cruiser board! The shop pretty much had positive feedbacks so I decided to continue selling stuff.

What does Teen Idle have to offer?
We're known for selling international streetwear brands, from Huf Plantlife socks to Supreme tees, Stussy, Hype, etc. All are unisex.

What are some of your favorite brands?
Nike. Adidas. Hellzbells. BO+B. Crooks & Castles, Stussy, Vans, Forever 21, and Topshop.

Any fashionable tips for my readers?
When in doubt, over dress. If you don't know what the dress code is, overdress. There's no harm in looking too pulled together, but you'll feel uncomfortable if you think you look out of place. If you feel uncomfortable, you probably look uncomfortable because your confidence is affected by what you're wearing. Well, tiis-ganda might be an option we always like to take in dressing, but sacrificing for fashion need not to be the norm.

Check out some of my favorite looks by Aye Valdez below and follow her on Instagram for your daily fashion inspirations: @AYESANELLEV

Also, don't forget to follow her Instagram store at @shop.teenidle!


  1. Great post! Love all the looks

  2. Great! Excited to know who your next muse is ; )


  3. Love her effortless style! Super cute looks!

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  4. gorgeous stylish! love all looks
    thanks for your comment darling
    have a nice day

  5. She is so beautiful!!!
    I really like her style
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  6. you look great in here, so casual and chic!

  7. Hi!
    I did the TMi TAG & I chose you as
    one of the people who should answer this TAG.

    Ms. Kei

  8. Love her quirky, diverse fashion!! Awesome and gurney yet at the same time chic! Rare to find.. she pulls off so many looks amazingly xx

  9. Amazing style, stylish and simple at the same time. Love the looks. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  10. She has a great style.

  11. It's great idea to find stylish people and then do some interview with them! And she looks amazing, I love her tropical top and it's great that she have online store :)

  12. Great style, I'm in love with theblackfringed bag!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  13. When in doubt, over dress - agree! :) love aye's last pic with that ceiling masterpiece, its very artsy <3

  14. Love her style its stunning.its nice getting to know her

  15. Love your great sense of style as your own, thanks for sharing and introducing us of your inspired style. she definitely have great style! I've read every single words on your post here, love what you've said it about your thought of fashion:).

  16. Absolutely stunning!


  17. Great post, she is so cool! xo

  18. Great style and interview! I'm your latest Bloglovin follower. :)

  19. love her style! that tie dye Stussy shirt is love ♥

    new travel photo diary up my blog!
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  20. Thanks for introducing her to us (: she have got great style love how she pair up everything. Amazing. x

  21. I love your fringe tote! And a great interview!

    Our life is Beautiful

  22. Cool grungy style. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

    xxx MODEmoiselle on Bloglovin.

  23. I love that fringe bag a lot!

  24. definitely grungy cool.. i see why you find her inspiring! love her style x

  25. Love her style! Very modern and chic.. with a strong sense of edge! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  26. Her style is really awesome, fun that you got to chat with her!

  27. Quite an interesting post ! Enjoyed it thoroughly :)

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