FASHION TIP: "Layering Necklaces"

Layering statement necklaces is something that I've always loved doing. For some reason, though, it seems like a lot of people are afraid to try it.

There are different ways of doing it which provide different results, all depending on the look and style you're hoping to achieve.

Here are my tips when it comes to wearing several necklaces together:

1) Wear the longest ones first, and the shortest ones last.
Doing so will ensure a nice and neat result and make sure that none of the necklaces will be hidden from view.

2) Wear necklaces that vary in texture and color.
This creates a nice contrast and makes the overall result a little more interesting to look at.

3) For an ultra-glamorous vibe, wear several chunky statement pieces together.
By wearing different statement necklaces in one ensemble (always making sure to wear the longest ones first when layering), it ends up looking like you're actually just wearing one multi-layered chunky necklace. The result? A striking and head-turning accessory!
4) For a 'boho chic' appeal, wear understated and long-stranded necklaces together.
Wearing layers and layers of thin necklaces together emphasizes the look of the "bohemian" free spirit. Opt for feathery pieces and colored stones for an off-beat appeal.


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  3. Love this tips Kylie and the photos are <3

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  4. Great tips and cute necklaces

  5. Hi sweetheart,
    I really love these necklaces.
    Useful tips
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary Fashion blog

  6. Thank you so much for this post! I never really wear necklaces, but layered necklaces look so cool - maybe I should try it one day!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  7. the necklaces are so stunning
    have a great weekend dear

  8. This is a fabulous post, especially as I've been really layering my necklaces lately! I only ever wear dainty jewellery, so I adore the finished outcome of layered delicate, dainty necklaces! Thanks for this! :)
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  9. I love this fashion tip! I don't know how to layer necklaces but this definitely breaks it down!

  10. I simply love this trend! would you like to check my blog?

  11. Love the layering of the necklaces! Such a great idea. Love the post

    xx Cissy
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  12. Great tips! I rarely layer necklaces, but I just love how it looks on others!

  13. Nice tips sis! I really like layering accessories too especially bracelets and necklaces :) I like that boho chic look!

  14. Oh!!! this is so chic! I find layering necklaces very pretty!! Got so many necklaces now but I don't feel comfortable in them hahaha I guess I'm more of a bracelet and ring girl LOL me :D Your advice are always functional and helpful as always dear!!! <3

    love lots,


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