MEGA Magazine: "The Big Fashion Issue" Launch Party

MEGA Magazine is the Philippines' best fashion magazine and also one of my personal favorites to read and browse through. Although it has enjoyed tremendous success over the years, this month is an extra special one for the magazine because it launches its biggest issue yet! And I mean that quite literally because the September 2014 issue has a total of 436 pages of pure unadulterated fashion. In addition to that, it also boasts the fact that it features four cover girls: Julia Barretto, Erich Gonzales, Maja Salvador, and Kathryn Bernardo. These four girls are currently at the top of their game in the Philippine entertainment industry and are very influential in our country's society of young Filipinas. The best part? The editorial for MEGA was actually shot in South Africa! How amazing is that?

That is why I was extremely ecstatic when I found out that I scored a ticket to the launch party of MEGA Magazine's Big Fashion Issue! Of course, part of the fun of attending a huge event such as this one was picking out what to wear. The theme was "Safari Chic" and after much consideration, I ended up putting together this outfit. (Fashion tip: Wearing two similar prints works when they're in two different colors)

Kimono: DIY
Necklace: FUDGE ROCK
Bracelet: FOREVER 21

When we arrived at the event, the first thing we did was take photos. After all, you can't take the fashion blogger out of the girl.

With fellow blogger Jasmine

When the doors finally opened, we were greeted with a grand lounge where the sponsors had set up their booths.

When we were finally inside the actual theater room, we all took our seats and the event officially began.

Of course, the evening started off with a brief introduction about MEGA and its Big Fashion Issue by none other than Sari Yap, MEGA's Editor-In-Chief.

Dani Barretto wins the "Stunning Skin Of The Night" award from Jergens

When the four stunning cover girls came out onto the stage, the crowd went crazy. Every single time that Kathryn Bernardo's name was mentioned, it was almost as if One Direction was there lol.

A short documentary film was shown to us depicting the experiences of the MEGA Magazine crew as they traveled to South Africa to shoot their latest fashion editorials.

I really enjoyed watching every single moment of it because it has always been my dream to work for a fashion magazine someday, so it was quite educational for me to see to the entire process of how everything is done behind the scenes. Fashion isn't all about glitz and glamour after all. In fact, I'd say it's only 10% glamour and 90% hard work. However, even the "hard work" seemed like so much fun, and I can't wait to be a fashion journalist after I graduate from college.

The entire team behind MEGA Magazine

Near the end of the event, a huge announcement was made by Sari Yap. She is officially relinquishing her position as the magazine's Editor-In-Chief and has chosen to pass on the responsibility to Peewee Reyes Isidro. This is such a great honor and I loved what Sari Yap said with regards to her choice of successor: "The person who deserves power is the one who does not seek for it".

Congratulations, Ms. Peewee Reyes Isidro!!! New and exciting times are coming for MEGA Magazine.

Congratulations also to the four cover girls! You all looked absolutely beautiful tonight.



  1. Oh wow great that you got invited! I`m not such a fan of Mega since I`m a loyal Preview girl lol but this fashion issue seems a must-read! x

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  2. Congrats on the invite! You looked lovely and it sounded like you had a fab time. Awesome! T.

  3. Love your outfit. Aww great show. I remember back in elementary, Peewee was just a staff writer at Meg, and Meg magazine then was still the small size mag! Indeed, hard work it is!


  4. wow it must be such an opportunity to be there na! Good luck on your blogging cuz im sure my girl can do it! ^^

  5. Its so cool u got to attend! Love the look :)



  6. Such an amazing opportunity to be at the event, it is looking great! Nice that you got to have a peek inside your maybe future job!

  7. That's so much fun, congrats! Looking awesome! xoxo

  8. Love the cover of magazine.The girls are so pretty and wow,your outfits are extreme :) All leopard with a twist.Unique!!
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  9. Love your look! xx

  10. Looks amazing! :)

  11. i'm in love with this! great post x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  12. Wow Kyle! I knew you were going to blog about this. I'm so happy to see you and Jasmine have your mini reunion. Hopefully we'll do too. Soon.

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  13. So amazing look sweetie
    You look a Diva in the red carpet.
    <3 <3 <3
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

  14. Wow you're so lucky to have been able to attend the launch party! Your outfit totally lived up to the theme too! :) And you saw Vern and Verniece omg! Two of my favourite bloggers haha. Anyway great photos! I wish you the best for your dreams to become a fashion journalist in the future :D

  15. Exciting! Your blog is very inspirational! Just followed it! Don't hesitate to follow back if you like mine! :)

  16. great pictures dear
    you look beautiful,love how you combined the prints

  17. NAKAKALOKA! inggit ako!!!! nandoon ka talaga sa event! HUHU! ganda din ng outfit mo! BONGGA! and not being bias but I think among the four, si Kath talaga ang effortless ang ganda! hehe... nice post! have a great weekend dear :)

  18. this leopard mix is beautiful
    thanks for your comment darling
    have a nice weekend

  19. Love the stylish look! I am in love with animal prints. Very hot look
    Have a great weekend!

    xx Cissy
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  20. Wow Kylie congrats!! You look perfect in your double animalier and rocker accessories. Go girl! So proud of you :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  21. Wow! Congrats! And what an event!! You look so stylish and great!

    ♘ ♘

  22. Wow! Congrats to Mega Magazine and to the cover girls. Kathryn is so stunning. I love your outfit Kylie. You look so gorgeous and fierce. Enjoy your weekend! :)


  23. Celebrated my sister’s wedding here and what I hear was supposed to be a very stressful day ended up going very smoothly and it is all thanks to their amazing staff!

  24. Congrats on getting to go to the event!! Love how you played by the theme :) I'm more of a Preview girl than a Mega fan, but of course, any fashion magazine holds a dear place in my heart! Just followed you on BL and Chictopia!

    ♥ Erika from STYLE AND SUNDRY (

  25. seems like such a great event! lucky you!

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  26. You look amazing - great pictures!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  27. Wow love it! You are such a good writer. Keep up the good work darling

  28. Looks a great event! Beautiful magazine cover! =D

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  29. Love love love the matching/clashing prints you wore! And what a fabulous event!

  30. This was such an interesting post to read through, Kylie! Thanks for sharing your time at this event. I hadn't realised that you were hoping to become a fashion journalist.. I wish you one million buckets of success with regards to that!! :) Also, all four cover girls look beyond beautiful - wow!
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  31. Wow so lucky of you to have attended this event!! I love Mega Mag and this month's cover is amazing <3 Btw, you look really chic in your outfit ;)

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  32. What a lovely safari look interpretation!

    Love from Munich, L

  33. Amazing look ♥♥

    Maria |

  34. Ohhh my gosh you are SO lucky to have gotten tickets to such an incredible event!! Wow!! And you looked beautiful too!! That outfit is amazing, the prints and everything. You MUST have been one of the most stylish people there xx


  35. Such a cute outfit post!
    You have nailed this look perfectly

  36. Waaah! You're so lucky Kylie! And your outfit definitely speaks the theme! Also, the VV sisters are there too! Ahhh so lucky talaga!

    Visit my blog:

  37. really cool look!! love animal print!! kisses!

  38. Wooahh! this is so glam Kylie!!! Mega is really one of my fave magazine too!!! I love watching some of their shows on ETC before too. So funny coz most mags on our living room are mags from Mega courtesy of me LOL so happy for you dear! I'm so glad you enjoy the night!! <3

    love lots,


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