SPECIAL FEATURE: Hypnosis With Savipra Gorospe

Remember Savipra Gorospe? The guy I talked about in this blog post (even though I swear the article was only LOOSELY BASED)? Well, I've had the chance to get to know him a little better throughout the past few weeks. As I've mentioned before, I always discover and learn new things through him. One of the amazing ideas that he introduced me to was hypnosis.

No, I don't mean the cliche'd concept of swinging a pendulum in front of somebody and making them bend to your will. When I say "hypnosis", I mean the real kind (which, to be honest, I did not even know about, let alone believe in, until Savipra entered my life).

Basically, hypnosis is a state of consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.

A few weeks ago, I agreed to be hypnotized by Savipra himself. I will be blogging about that remarkable experience soon, but before I do, I thought it best to give you all a little more information regarding this fascinating topic.

Hence, I decided to conduct a short but informative interview with Savipra.


Simply put, hypnosis is the process of unleashing the power of the mind via the subconscious. Have you ever been so bored in class that your mind started to wander and you notice yourself staring blankly into space? Or how about when you're watching a sad scene in a movie that it put you to tears? Those are examples of being in trance. We utilize the trance to amplify the power of the mind.


Yes. If you have a mind, then you are hypnotizable. People who have fears and doubts would believe they are not susceptible to it, but the hypnotic state is embedded in our nature. It's one of the ways people in the past gain insight and healing. There is no such thing as a bad subject, only an ignorant subject. And no induction—the process of inducing trance—is one size fits all. The hypnotic experience must be tailored to the person wanting to be hypnotized.


Ever since I was a child, I've always been greatly interested in what motivates and influences people. Not about controlling their minds, but planting an idea inside their minds. Remember Inception? Pretty much something like that. And inception is  not limited to sleep, it can be done awake. Inception is basically planting the idea that will be the starting point, the seed that will create roots. I discovered Psychology with that, since there are a myriad of factors that can influence our decisions and perceptions. Fast forward to recent, I discovered Hypnosis can do the same thing. Inception. Giving the person the change they want by helping them achieve it. Hypnosis is a healing art based on influencing the subconscious, because that's where the real grit is. 


Anything dangerous to a person while they are in conscious state is dangerous for them in hypnosis. It's a matter of judgment by the hypnotist to ensure the hypnotic experience would be safe and smooth.


I will have to be straightforward. What I want to achieve through hypnosis is world domination. World domination in a sense that I can establish a world where the power of the mind is rejoiced and self-healing is widespread. A Utopia, one may think. It is doable in a small group, and that's where I'd like to start. To have a tribe of people who believe in my cause. The advocacy of having a growth mindset, that we are constantly changing, adapting, evolving, becoming... We do not have the power to resist change, but what power do we have is the power to set the direction of that change. If one is to have a dream, a vision of the future, it should involve one's passion, mission, profession, and vocation. When you have all of those four? It is not a matter of who's going to let you, it now becomes a question of who's going to stop you. Being driven by a vision with a direction, one becomes a relentless force to reckon with.


Of course. Everything is interconnected, after all. What can Hypnosis do for Fashion? It is by having you in a hypnotic state wherein you can draw from the myriad of ideas stored in your subconscious that can help you be more creative in the field of fashion. Fashion is a field of creativity, innovation, and excellence. One must have an avant-garde sense of taste. What can Fashion do for Hypnosis? Style yourself in such a way that leaves people mesmerized, hypnotized. The way we look and how we style ourselves affect the perception and judgment of those who are around us, why not make it a hypnotic experience for them just by your style. Every color triggers an emotional response to the person without them knowing.

Fashion is just the same as Hypnosis, as it goes the four stage protocol of hypnosis, the same way you can elicit that by your style. First, your style must be able to absorb attention, the same way in hypnosis, you don't manipulate—you captivate! Second, when you have them captivated, you bypass their critical factor allowing your sense of style to be absorbed by them without any judgment. After you have bypassed all critical factors, you elicit an unconscious response, you evoke emotions from the way they perceive your style. The last but not the least, you can lead their unconscious to the desired outcome, either you influence them with your style or even become a loyal follower to your cause.

I hope this interview has instilled a curiosity in all of you to learn more about hypnosis. When Savipra first introduced the topic to me, I was instantly captivated by the idea and I did a bit of research about it on my own.

One of the good things about Sav is that his passion and intellect is very inspiring to the people around him. Not only does HE want to learn about new things but he also makes ME want to learn them too. His sharp mind, coupled with his desire to teach himself new things (he is an "autodidact"), motivates me to improve myself and do my best in everything that's happening in my life. 

I was actually debating whether or not to blog about him because he's kind of like that secret that you don't want to share with anyone. I guess you could compare it to my situation regarding Arctic Monkeys -- that band meant the world to me when I first discovered them 9 years ago, when not a lot of people have even heard about them yet. Now that they have become a worldwide success, I feel a lot of resentment towards the fact that my own personal happiness is now being shared by millions of people.

However, I figured that that kind of mindset was a bit immature, and I know now that it's always best to share positive things to the world.

I will be sharing with you all my first experience undergoing hypnosis in one of my next blog posts, so stay tuned for that! This post was just meant to stimulate your thirst for knowledge. If you want, I highly suggest that you do some research on hypnosis before reading all about my experience with it!



  1. Hypnosis is so interesting to me. This was really insightful! <3


  2. I have always had such negative thoughts attached to hypnosis, however it's nice to see the topic discussed from the other side and by someone who practices it, as well as you Kylie - you brave thing, I'm so looking forward to your blog post on having undertaken the challenge of hypnosis! Hope your week is going well so far :)



  3. Fab post! I love your writing style!!

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  4. Kyle! This was an amazing write up and I'm captivated by it. Job well done, I must say. Hypnosis sounds like a really good thing and honestly I want to try it. A little curious though... is Savipra Pinoy ba? He's name sounds really unique. The beautiful kind of unique actually.

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  5. This is just so cool!! I enjoyed reading it so much. Thanks for this, Kylie!

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  6. Nice post! Very interesting.


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  7. Wow! I'm in love with this segment Kylie!!! that guy really has something!!!! grabe!!! he's very interesting ha! So glad you share him to us <3 very witty Q and A :)))

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