Home Decor Spotlight: Curtains

One thing that I'm extremely passionate about is interior designing. I just love seeing how a blank space transforms into something creative and beautiful and fit to live in. In a way, it's a lot like fashion -- you "dress up" your home the same way you dress up yourself. You really have to carefully select different pieces that work seamlessly together. Today, I will be focusing more on curtains.

Personally, I find that curtains can really make or break a room, so it's really important that you choose the right ones.

I've found plenty of different curtain designs at CTWOTOP, an online store that specializes specifically on curtains. This one is my favorite:

I love the gradient effect and the print at the bottom. When you close the curtains, it's almost as if you're still looking out at the garden.

Here are a few other designs that I liked:

Modernize the look and feel of your home with these black & white curtains!

For a slightly vintage charm, why not choose the beautifully patterned curtains shown in the picture above? Or perhaps opt for the purple ones pictured below for a more dainty and sweet effect?

Whichever ones you decide upon, make sure to choose curtains that suit the look and feel of your entire home. Check out the other available designs by clicking here. As a special treat, here's an exclusive coupon code worth $3:


Head on two CTWOTOP now and make your home more beautiful!



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