Come Take My Pulse, The Pace Is On A Runaway Train

The weird thing about heartbreak is that you never get used to it no matter how many times it hits you. I like to think that I'm a strong person, but I guess even the strongest people have their breaking points. I just reached a point in my life where I literally felt like breaking apart. Luckily, I also have the best friends in the entire world, and instead of letting me drown myself in my misery, they invited me out for a relaxing night that consisted of two of my favorite things in the world -- good company and good wine.

So last night, I spent seven hours with amazing people and drinking delicious chardonnay. At the end of it all, I realized one thing: The heartbreak that I experienced was really not that important. Friends, family, laughter, and positivity are the only things in the world that are worth my time. So starting today, I'm making a promise to think only of good things, spend time only with good people, and drink only good wines and champagne. Cheers to a good life! Life's too short to waste time on people that are not adding value to it.

As for my outfit, I chose to keep things classy, sexy, and sparkly. I may not have the man of my dreams right now but I sure have a killer wardrobe.

Blazer: TOMATO
Tights: FOREVER 21


  1. That's so true! Never waste your time on people who don't care. Although there will be times when we get blinded and won't know exactly whether they care or not - the most important thing is that we learned something valuable. Cheers to a happy 2015! Love your outfit btw.

  2. I'm sorry you've been experiencing some recent heartbreak, but as you've said you have plenty of other wonderful aspects of life to focus on! Funnily enough, you look really radiant in these photos, so perhaps being single suits you haha?! I love the blazer and the contrasting colours. Have a lovely (and happier) week ahead, Kylie :)


  3. Your words are nothing but right! It may sound stupid but i gave up on serious relationships quite a while ago, i think it's nice to have some fun with guys but independence is more my thing i guess. And friends/family/good wine are the best you can have! Good to hear that you had a nice evening despite all the circumstances!

  4. "I may not have the man of my dreams right now but I sure have a killer wardrobe." --- This is just <3

    Start focusing on the good things! Keep on rocking, Kylie!

    PS. I seriously need styling tips from you. :D Happy 2015!

    ❤, Alex // Tik... Tok... It's Locked.

  5. love your blazer so much!!! :D

    always be optimistic, dear!

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  6. Love love love the blazer and bag, you look amazing Kylie!

  7. I agree with you,never waste time on people who don't appreciate you as a person. Either way good for you that you decided on a new chapter.Looking stunning while doing it :) Mel
    New post is up

  8. Go Kylie! I always lvoe how your hair is always on point. Not a single strand in the wrong direction.

  9. oh :( girl.. good you have great friends you will forget about it soon. And yes, a great wardrobe is a good distraction :)

  10. Absolutely agree that life is too short to waste time on "wrong" people. You look amazing in this outfit. xx

  11. Hi Kylie. You look so sexy and fabulous in your outfit. I love your hair and shoes. <3 Pain makes us stronger and heartbreak makes us wiser.
    Have a great week ahead, Kylie! :)


  12. You look stunning! I'm sorry to hear about the heartbreak you're going through but it's wonderful that you're able to surround yourself by such great people.

    Feel better soon,
    Corinne x

  13. Love your blazer with those stockings, so chic! Keep at it girl!

    XO Courtney

  14. I agree with it - we have to focus on good things :) Btw, I love your blazer, it's so classy :)

    Have a great day, dear,

  15. Classy, sexy and sparkly is exactly what this outfit is. I hope you enjoyed your chardonnay :D


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    Love, Anna

  17. Great post dear! That shoes looks amazing. Have a fun and productive Wednesday! :)

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  18. everyone must go through the breaking point when you just can't do anything but crying with the hopeless feelings. However, get back and fight back sister!

  19. I love this line "I may not have the man of my dreams right now but I sure have a killer wardrobe." up for this one! Keep it classy, never trashy ang peg. :) As always, you look fierce and sexy!


  20. Here comes your outfit shots again,so perfect!!! I love the bold and the chic combo of your blazer and tights...And yes your ever pretty face!!!! So love your skin,dapat may skin care routine post soon!!!
    Hayyzz speaking of heartbreaks dear, I think lge tlga clang present but on the other hand, I agree with you on how they make us strong. I don't worry about your heart because I know how strong and bold you are in handling heart breaks and miseries. And yes best friends are always important too. Somehow they make our lives better <3 Cheers beautiful!!!

    love lots,

  21. Those are the thing in life that makes us stronger, learn from it and move on ;) it's great having a friend and family support!!!
    Love that blazer!!! xoxo

  22. Love those tights! They look great with those cute shoes ^^



  23. Super-chic look! I adore those great tights! Here's to fab friends that hold us up when we are down! Vino + friends=priceless. T.

  24. You have the most perfect matte red lips in these pictures! We all have difficult periods in our lives, just try to forget about the pain and think about yourself! It will all go away.

    Bella Pummarola

  25. Happy New Year dear and I totally get you, being dear a couple of times and there is no getting used to it but friends and family are always there to pick you up. Love the positive attitude and yeah only dwell on the good. Amazing and understated sexy look, love it.

  26. Such a beautiful look Kyle! Love your top and such a great print on it!
    Be STRONG!

  27. Lovely post! You're beautiful and lovely. i like leggings. :) take it easy :)

  28. I agree with you! You deserve the best and no man can make you feel the worst. There are better ones coming :)
    Love your outfit. You look even more blooming!

    Have a nice day, Kylie! :)



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