Victoria Court: The Pink Card Launch Party

A few days ago I was invited to an exclusive event for media and bloggers at Victoria Court to celebrate the launch of their new Pink Card.

Victoria Court is a getaway place intended for friends who enjoy partying, lovers who are looking for a little privacy, and people in general who simply want a sweet escape. They have several branches spread out all over the Philippines, including Pasig, Caloocan, Las Pinas, Malabon, San Fernando, Pasay, and Malate. 

They are known for their wonderfully themed rooms, each of which are constructed with the utmost attention to detail.

Victoria Court's new Pink Card entitles the holder to the following benefits:

- 20% off on regular stay
- 10% off on food and beverage
- Priority booking during calamities
- 50% during your birthday
- 30% off during regular non-working holidays
- 10% off on party bookings and VC merchandise

The holders of the new Black Card also enjoy the same exact benefits. The only difference is that the pink ones are for women and the black ones are for men.

All of the invited guests enjoyed a wide array of food and beverages while watching the presentations of Victoria Court's latest advertising campaigns.

Afterwards, we were taken on a tour of their latest high-end themed rooms, all of which blew me away. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

The Cirque Suite

The Princess Jasmine Suite

The White House Suite

The Moulin Rouge Suite

The Venice Suite

Aren't these rooms amazing? Now, I don't even need to book a flight to Italy in order to experience Venice. I can just check in at Victora Court!

In case you're interested in booking a room, it only costs 12,000 pesos to reserve one of these suites for 5 hours. I personally find the price to be extremely cheap and worth the pay, especially if you consider the fact that you can split the cost with your friends if you're going to have a party. You can hold a birthday party with a total of 20 people and you're only going to have to pay 600 pesos each! I don't know about you but that definitely sounds like a bargain to me.

For more information about all of the different types of accomodations that Victoria Court has to offer, visit their website by clicking here.



  1. Yay here it is the very much awaited post about the launch party! infairness ang ganda ng venue dear!!! love it so much, perfect match ang outfit mo! So classy!! just like your style and beauty <3
    would really love to visit the place!!!! btw perfect din cya for honeymoon lol naisip lang coz daming nagpapakasal ngayon hahaha

    love lots,

  2. Great look. Im sure its exciting and maybe even a little scary to be going to a blogger event. I hope yo experience some in the future

  3. I love the Venice Suite and the Moulin Rouge Suite the most! This looks like a really awesome place to be Kylie! How cool would your party be! Just curious, do they fill the boat area with water in the Venice suite? :)

  4. This sounds a great place! Cool pictures! =)

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  5. The suites look fabulous and the price is good as well! I'd go with the Moulin Rouge one ;)

    Bella Pummarola

  6. Awesome! Love the themes of the rooms :) looks like a great party and I love your outfit!

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  7. You are having so much fun!!! ;) Love the blazer you're rocking! xoxo

  8. Great pictures and you look stunning

  9. the place looks really swanky, must be fun to be invited to such a exclusive event. Looks fun

  10. Aw I regretted on not coming to this launch party. Nice pictures!


  11. OMG! So beautiful rooms to hold an event! I remember me and my family had our staycation before in Victoria Court when I was a kid. I will share this to my friends. :D You looks so fab!


  12. Wow, these themed rooms look stunning and I love your outfit from this party, Kyle :)

    Have a great day, dear,

  13. Oh Kylie that place is outrageously cool and so is your outfit babe! Wish you a lovely day!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  14. Everything looks great! Hope you did enjoy it!

  15. OMG! This place looks like so much fun! Love it ^^


  16. Amazing <3

  17. Glad you had such a great time at the event hunny :)

  18. Wow.. that place is so much fun!! I would take millions of photos there, hehe.. Love the themes! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  19. What awesome rooms! Great event--you look lovely! T.

  20. omg!!! those rooms are exquisite!! i've heard that victoria court theme rooms are fun!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  21. The drinks were good and the food at NY events was divine. Then there was the view, really beautiful. I only wish we could go back there for dinner on our anniversary.

  22. Looks like great event! You are stunning as always!

  23. I love that the cards are colour-themed for different genders, how cute! Also those room are INCREDIBLE! The Venice suite looks straight out of a fairytale! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


  24. They have a great bar and bartender! They kept the guest at the best team building activities happy and kept the snacks coming. If I could attend this place again, I would!

  25. nice post!

  26. Awesome post! nice photo's! :)

  27. Wow I'd love to attend an event like that. You look great, I love what you're wearing!
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