ANJOLEE: The Art Of Jewelry

Ever since I was young, I have developed a taste for fine jewelry and most especially, diamonds. I remember being 7 or 8 years old and always watching my mother getting ready for a night out on the town with my dad, and her meticulously putting on her expensive jewelry to go along with her pretty dress or gown.

As I grew up I started to understand that diamonds weren't merely beautiful sparkly things -- in fact, understanding them is a true artform in itself. I began to appreciate them more as I myself started to wear real diamonds around my neck every time I attended an event or party with my Thai socialite friends, back when I was still living in Bangkok.

If you are looking for a place to buy high quality diamonds and jewelry, then I have the perfect choice for you: Anjolee.

"Since 1977, Anjolee has been the leading jewelry manufacturer with the highest standards in quality and service. Buying from Anjolee ensures you get more choices for fine jewelry designs, with flexibility and ways to make designs your own. Anjolee guarantees that all diamonds carried and sold from its inventory are natural, authentic, and genuine. Anjolee never sells treated, enhanced, or lab-created diamonds."

Anjolee is an established company that always manages to keep up with the modern times while still retaining its original passion and dedication to quality. Since they have been in the jewelry manufacturing business for more than 35 years, there is no denying that the company's knowledge and expertise can be trusted.

Diamonds are graded according to four universally accepted attributes and characteristics. Their value is determined based on the 4 C's:


Besides being a reliable jewelry manufacturer, the one great thing about Anjolee is that they provide a very unique customization feature in which you are able to custom-build all of their jewelry designs based on your personal taste and budget.

Anjolee offers 7 types of metal, various total carat weights, diamond quality and size, for each jewelry item on their website.

This means that for any piece that you order, you can have it made depending on your preference, resulting in a product that is perfectly designed for you.

Of course, being somewhat of a jewelry and accessories enthusiast myself, I browsed through the Anjolee website and compiled a list of my Top 5 picks overall:

This is one of their journey diamond pendants selection. To me, this is an absolutely beautiful piece because of its unique design that signifies life. I love how the white gold half symbolizes the beginning of one's personal journey, and then it slowly goes back the way it came, but this time with diamonds. To me, this means that no matter how many times you go around in circles in life, the important thing is that you learn lessons along the way that polish you with beautiful experiences.

This diamond eternity ring is a stunning wedding ring that costs $1,824 and worth every penny. I may not have a Mr. Right currently in my life as of now, but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about my future wedding day. I've always imagined my wedding ring to be like this -- a beautiful classic ring with brilliantly cut round diamonds. 

This is a gorgeous diamond pendant that any woman would love to receive from her significant other. In many ways, the design itself symbolizes love, with its five eternal circles intertwining one another and creating a five-petaled fleur at the center. After all, it is the complexity of love that makes it ultimately beautiful.

This is a personal favorite of mine because it reminds me so much of a diamond strand necklace that my mother used to wear. I remember going through her jewelry box when I was eight years old and finding a necklace just like this one. I was dazzled by its beauty, and I am glad to say that my appreciation for the rarity of diamonds has not diminished over the years.

This 9.00 carat diamond necklace features a slanted design. I love how it's a little bit avant garde, but still classic and modern.

I encourage you to visit the Anjolee website by clicking here, so you can browse many more items from their wide selection of high quality diamonds and jewelry. If you're like me and you wish to see the pieces in even greater detail, visit their YouTube channel by clicking here.


  1. I have recently been introduced to Anjolee as well and I completely agree with everything you've said, they sell beautiful jewellery - so much to admire! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. Kylie, I adore Anjolee's lovely jewelry! I just featured one of their elegant bracelets today on my post. :) xx T.

  3. wow!! precious stones!! thanks for sharing!

    Animated Confessions

  4. I love Anjolee! <3 They do have great jewelries!

    Have a nice day, Kylie!


  5. Wow these jewels are beyond beautiful! I love them! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I also remember when I was at my mom's bedroom waiting for her to get ready! :)

  7. this is awesome :) i really hope you're having an amazing day!


  8. I love Anjolee, they have beautiful diamonds!

    Bella Pummarola

  9. Amazing jewels!

    The Cutielicious

  10. Wow! That sounds sooo cool! I must have those jewels!

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  11. I learned a lot about diamonds yesterday, it's so interesting! I already have an engagement ring but I'm looking for a nice bridal set. :)

    Tara x

  12. the jewelries look beautiful! Love them all!

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