CLOSET STAPLE: Printed Socks

Wearing printed socks is a trend that's been around for a while now, but lately I've noticed that its popularity has risen to new heights. I was sitting in a coffee shop in Greenbelt last week trying to finish reading George Orwell's 1984, when in came a group of four guys, all wearing similar ensembles: a t-shirt, shorts, boat shoes in bright colors, and printed socks. 

While at first I didn't pay too much attention to them, I started noticing throughout the day that almost all of the guys I saw around Makati were wearing printed socks. That's when I realized that the trend was here to stay -- especially in the Philippines.

What I love about printed socks is that it's a trend that not only caters to all genders -- girls, guys, and gays -- but it's also extremely versatile in the sense that you can wear them practically with anything and anywhere. You can wear them with slip-ons for a hipster feel, or with heels if you want to go for a funkier look, or you can even wear them with your business attire! I actually have a professor who wears them to class and no it doesn't even look inappropriate (he wears them with his slacks folded up just enough so the socks can "peek through"). 

Whether you're into casual ensembles or like to dress up a little more extravagantly, there's room for printed socks in your wardrobe.

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As you can see, everyone from Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker to local blogger David Guison loves them! I've only recently started getting into the trend, but I'm sure you've noticed in my recent OOTD's how quickly I've fallen in love with it.

The appeal of printed socks is simply that it's a fun and creative way to express one's individuality. You can wear the most minimalist outfit and still make it look interesting just by wearing a pair of socks with a graphic print. The quirkier, the better!

They're a great way for you to showcase bits of your personality. With the wide selections available featuring a diverse range of different designs, you're guaranteed to find pieces that suit you and your personal style.

Think of printed socks as the exclamation points of your ensembles. They give you that extra "oomph" and make you stand out more, so this summer, try to find a way to incorporate them into your daily outfits. After all, life's too short to be boring.

If you live here in the Philippines, be sure to check out Iconic Socks!



  1. In love <3

    The Cutielicious

  2. This trend is so fun! I have a crush on a pair of cat socks from Monki - they are so cute!

    Find my newest post about my trip to Berlin HERE!
    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  3. Printed socks make me so happy, my drawer is full of them! :D

    Tara x

  4. I'm not a huge fan of socks in general, printed or not :)

    Bella Pummarola

  5. Haha really lovely post! kisses

  6. This trend is the weirdest thing because at first I couldn't wrap my head over why anyone would like it, however over time I've now found myself completely drawn towards it! It's so unusual and because of that, appealing :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  7. I have so many printed socks but I don't wear them enough!
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  8. Such a cute trend! i will try it on me!
    Thanks for sharing beautiful!

  9. It's great trend, because it can change whole outfit :)

  10. Love printed socks especially with sandals.

  11. I adore printed socks! I love how the ones you've featured coordinate so well with the shoes. T.

  12. i love this trend
    I wish you an happy start of week
    see my new post
    <<< fashion blogger Pamela Soluri >>>

  13. Nossa que diferente, não sei se usaria!

    Beijo grande!

    Isabella |

  14. A lot of the time I have them on as my little secret, but I gotta show them off! Thanks for the inspiration!


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