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Attending the homecoming dance is one of the most classic moments you'll ever experience during high school and it should not be missed. It is the one night where the girls turn into princesses and the boys turn into princes -- in short, it's a night that exudes glamour and fun. The last homecoming dance I attended was five years ago, but I still remember every detail of it as clearly as if it were yesterday. The days leading up to it were the most stressful because people were asking themselves the same complicated question: "What should I wear?".

My advice for you would be to keep things young and flirty, but please remember that there is a difference between 'young and flirty' and 'cheap and slutty'. Remember, you're still in high school, and it is always a good idea to look age-appropriate no matter where you go or what party you attend.

To help you gain a few ideas regarding potential cheap homecoming dresses 2015, here are a few of my favorite picks from iHomecoming.

For a more modern approach, opt for a shorter above-the-knee dress. Looking glamorous doesn't always mean that you have to wear long gowns (that notion is SO two decades ago). Keep things feminine, sexy, but still chic.

Another plus about wearing a shorter dress is that this will allow you to move your legs more freely and easily. I've seen a few girls in my homecoming that wore very long body-hugging dresses that looked beautiful, but it was obvious that they were having difficulty walking properly. And if you can't walk then you can't dance, and ultimately what's the point?

Make sure you choose a dress design that reflects your personality and style. It's important for you to feel like your most beautiful self during homecoming night. 

Choosing cheap homecoming dresses 2015 can be a tad bit hectic at times, but iHomecoming will be able to help you out immensely! With their wide selection of different dresses, I guarantee that you will find something you'll love. However, make sure you don't rush into a decision. Take your time and go through the many different dress designs available. It also helps if you save photos of the dresses that you like and put them into one folder. Then, once you're done browsing through the website, you can go through all the photos you saved and narrow down your choices until you settle on one beautiful dress. Cheap homecoming dresses from iHomecoming are the best options for affordable homecoming dresses!

Trust me, you'll remember your homecoming night for years and years to come, and you'll always have photos to look back on, so make sure your dress is something you'll like even in a decade from now. Visit iHomecoming now!



  1. That black dress! <3 I would definitely wear that one.

    <3 Alex //

  2. This LBD is gorgeous! So classic.

    Tara x


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