Nailed It!

It's been raining non-stop here lately so I've been spending most of my time at home, and that means catching up on my favorite TV shows. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills. There's an episode I just watched today in which Morgan compares nails to panties, saying that we should treat our cuticles as if they were undies and that we wouldn't want to be seen in public "wearing dirty underwear".

This got me thinking about my own nails. To be honest, I don't really take care of them as well as I should. Sure, I like to wear nail polish occasionally, but I'm really awful when it comes to trimming them regularly.

Speaking of which, I'm actually attending an event this weekend and I just realized that I haven't had a much-needed polish change yet. What's wrong with me?

Just for fun, though, I ended up browsing the net just to google some nail polish colors. These are the three I liked.

They're perfect for the rainy season, don't you think? I don't have any of these colors, though, but luckily I found them online at Zalora. Find a wide variety of nail polish brands and colors at Zalora Philippines!

How about you? Are you meticulous when it comes to nail care? 


  1. Haha, funny post title. I'm so bad at taking care of my nails, but that's a funny quote. I have yet to see that show. XO
    -Lauren Blair

  2. You nailed the post title, Kylie! (Hahaha)

    That's actually a pretty great analogy, and it's actually pretty sad how I've just come to realize that I don't care for my nails. At all. Haha. I wish I could paint my nails again, but I have a corporate job now so I can't. Ahhh. The ORLY shade is gorgeous!

    May • THE MAYDEN


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