BRIDAL SERIES: The Lavish Bride

I hope you're not getting sick and tired of my bridal series yet. There are still a few more to go! Now, let me ask you. Have you ever wondered what type of bride you will become when your Prince Charming finally proposes to you? Are you going to be the sweet and reserved bride, or the lavish and extravagant one? Personally I believe I'm going to become the latter. 

If you're just like me, then you probably want to wear something extremely over-the-top that everyone will remember for years to come. Well, I have good news for you. DressilyMe has a really nice selection of ball gown wedding dresses. These are the types of dresses that simply demand attention from everybody -- the ones with puffy and long trains. I have already selected a few of my favorites. Take a look at them below:

Aren't these dresses simply stunning? I'm sure you'll feel like a real-life princess when you're wearing on of these on the big day! I know a lot of women will find these to be a little too over-the-top, but as they say, "to each their own". Some like it simple, others like it lavish!

The details on these dresses are so exquisite! You can really tell even just by looking at the photos how incredibly beautiful these creations are.

To those of you want prefer to wear something a little more subtle and subdued, why not check out DressilyMe's selection of a line wedding dresses? They're all equally as gorgeous! Here's a little tip: If you're still unsure exactly what type of gown you want to wear, take the time to go through all of the available options. Save the photos of the ones you like in a folder on your laptop, and once you're done, go through each of these photos until you feel like you've made up your mind. That way, you avoid buyer's remorse.


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