COCOMELODY: Bringing Sexy Back

Bridal fashion has slowly evolved throughout the years, culminating in a wide variety of styles to suit the modern fashion-forward bride. If you're one of the lucky ones with a special ring on their finger then you're probably already on the hunt for that perfect wedding dress. Whether you're a bold, extravagant person or the shy, reserved type, there is no denying that on your wedding day you want to feel as though you're the center of attention because, let's face it -- you are!

For the fearless, modern-day bride, Cocomelody has released a new style of wedding gowns that will surely guarantee to turn heads.

Cocomelody's collection of backless Wedding Dresses is perfect to achieve that dramatic, sexy look while still maintaining an essence of class of refinement. Their lace designs in particular are worth a look and will ensure that you, the bride, will demand all of the attention of your guests on your special day.

Sexy backless wedding dresses are all the rage right now and offers you the best of both worlds -- from the front, you'll look like the classic, elegant bride while from the back, you'l show just the right amount of skin to look modern, fresh, and unexpected. 

Cocomelody's selection of wedding gowns are made from high quality materials to ensure you the best possible shopping experience. 

As an added bonus for you, Cocomelody is currently offering all of their customers $25 off of wedding dresses priced at $200 and above. Hurry and start shopping for your perfect wedding dress now! Unfortunately, time's ticking. The promo ends at February 29.

Happy shopping!



  1. wow i love it

  2. I love a nice and sexy back detail, wedding dresses or not. Thee wedding dresses are specially gorgeous!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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