D'MIX MOBILE BAR: The Ultimate Event Experience

If you love socializing like I do then you probably attend various parties and events, or maybe you even host some of them. If your social calendar is packed this year and you're planning on throwing together a few fabulous events (debuts, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, etc.), then D'Mix Mobile Bar is something you probably should be looking into if you're all about creating that perfect party experience.

D'Mix Mobile Bar is a catering service focused solely on providing your party with quality drinks that will surely guarantee an amazing experience for you and your guests.

The D'Mix dream package offers a fully equipped collapsible bar that can be set up at any area of your party's venue. As an added feature, a LED TV is included on top of the bar that can flash photos of the couple (for weddings) or the celebrant (for birthdays) all throughout the event. The bar's menu can also be personalized and include a photo of the couple or celebrant. A professional barman, server, and bar assistant will be in charge of handling the drinks. 

Some of the mobile bar's major drinks include:

Bob Marley
White Russian
Singapore Sling
Blue Hawaii
Tequila Sunrise
Long Island


However, the bar's full menu includes a much more varied and complete selection of drinks, including both cocktails and mocktails.

A fully equipped bar is necessary in order to ensure a great party! Indeed, nobody understands this better than the owner of D'Mix, Daryl Margaja, who himself started mixing drinks during family gatherings and house parties. Upon deciding on pursuing it as a business, Daryl remained loyal to quality service and decided to hire only the best bartenders who have already been working in this industry for a long time. It is for this reason that I personally guarantee satisfaction to any of you who decide to hire and use D'Mix Mobile Bar in any future parties or events.

For additional information, go ahead and pay a visit to the company's official Facebook page by clicking here.

For inquiries, payment options, available packages, and to see the full menu, you can contact the owner himself via the following:

E-mail: margajadaryl.dmix@gmail.com
Phone: 09055742595

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