Places to Visit in BGC to Unleash Your Inner Geek

One of the best things about The Fort is that it is among the most thriving cities in the Philippines. It is so lively that it is no longer uncommon to see signs such as “The Fort Condo For Sale” plastered everywhere in the bustling city. Precisely because there are so many things to do in the Fort that it has become a paradise for people that are into various things. Simply put, BGC is the best place to be in the Philippines to be a geek.

Origins of “geek”
Nobody knows exactly where the word “geek” came from but there was a time when it represented a very negative image for people. Before the advent of the internet, people who were called geeks were those who were impassioned about their own hobbies such as boardgames, video games, cars and sometimes even sports. The term “geek” specifically referred to people that are perceived to be loners, “losers” or simply put, outside the norm. “Geek” is one of the most common insults a typical TV bully would call their hapless victims but today, “geek” is a more acceptable word and it is no longer used to demean people.

What being a geek is about
As stated above, geeks are people that are overly enthusiastic about a certain thing. Because of the advent of technology and the various forms of media entertainment, being a geek means liking either comic books, cars, movies, TV series, cartoons, Japanese animation or even Chinese web novels. There are many things that a person could like in order to be called a geek but the fact is geeks are awesome. Their passion for their interests is more often than not a positive and uplifting force especially if they meet people who share their interests.

Who geeks are
Geeks are everywhere and some could even be your close friend, an officemate or even your boss. Again, a geek could be anyone as long as they enjoy a certain hobby or interest or a combination of both. Many organizations have taken it upon themselves to promote geek culture and over the past few decades, these organizations have grown to an extent that they now hold annual conventions and the like.

Geek Paradise
Bonifacio Global City, or BGC is a Geek Paradise because it is one of the most modern cities in the Philippines. There are many geek-friendly stores there that specifically cater to geek culture. Here are a few examples:

1. Heroes Hobby Lounge – Located in Bonifacio High Street, Heroes Hobby Lounge is a restaurant slash comic book hobby store. The food is delicious and the comic book paraphernalia is legendary. There are many collectibles on display and these can all be enjoyed while eating a good meal.

2. NBA Café – Similar to the Heroes Hobby Lounge in High Street, NBA Café is the sports equivalent of the former. It houses many different memorabilia from the NBA’s past and present. Also available are delicious easy to eat food – just so people have something to grub on while watching the game.

3. Fully Booked – Housing one of the largest collection of contemporary, fiction and other books, BGC’s fully booked is also home to a lot of comic books. In fact, the annual free comic book day is almost always held at Fully Booked. The large collection of books ensures that geeks of every genre will have something of interest for them.

4. The Mind Museum – One of the most modern museums in the country, the Mind Museum is a fun place to learn and discover new things.

These are just a few examples of the many places a geek would love in BGC but there are many more to be discovered!

About the Author
Micah Suarez is a bookish type of girl who just got out of college with a degree on the arts; she currently works as a freelance writer and accepts projects whenever it fits her taste. Her passion for writing and researching started in college that later evolved to blogging and freelance entries for small and medium enterprises.


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  3. That's where my favorite Fully Booked is.
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