Urban Jogging: Tips on Staying Fit in the City

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One of the most difficult things about city life is maintaining your health while you sit in front of a screen nine hours a day, not counting your commute time. It would be good if you can get a Rockwell condo for rent so you can walk to work, but for those who can't walk to work, here are a few tips on how to stay healthy in the city.                                                                               

When you live and work in the city, it's sometimes troublesome to find the time, place, and space to exercise. It gets more difficult if you have a pile of work to do and that makes it impossible to make the time to side aside for exercise. However, you don't have to exert any effort in looking for a good gym or spend too much on a year's membership--there's plenty of places in the city that can double as an open gym for you, even your own house!

Workout at home! There are many moves that rely on your body weight and mixing them up together will create a whole-body workout!

Pushups, oldie but goodie, and you can make it a little easier by doing a bent knee pushup if you're having a difficult time with regular pushups.

Downward facing dog, a slow, controlled move that stretches the calf muscles.

Bent knee sit ups are another oldie but goodie. Strengthen your core with a couple of these every day.

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Squat jumps. Here's a little move to get your heart racing and is a whole body workout.

If you're not the type with the patience for those moves, you can always lift bottles filled with water or sand, and if you still don't like that, try dancing! There are a lot of videos available online for dancing, or if you have the equipment, turn on your Xbox or your Nintendo Wii and pop in that Just Dance CD! Videos are also available for yoga and aerobics--you won't run out of videos to choose from.

Another quick tip for those who want to work at home: if you live in a multi-leveled apartment or condominium, skip the elevator and use the stairs.

The playground. They aren't just for kids. There are a number of equipment at the playground that you can use for a full body workout. Monkey bars can help you with your upper body strength, and the benches are there or lower body workout moves.
The park and the city around it. If it's a change of view you want, you can always run around the park, through the sun raining down between the leaves of the trees, until your legs can't carry you anymore. You can even use the city blocks to keep track of your progress if you decide to run around the city. Run a few blocks, walk a few blocks, then run a few blocks again.

If you're stuck at work, again, skip the stairs, and use the elevator. Walk around while you answer calls, visit your co-workers at their desks instead of emailing or calling, anything to get you moving out of your seat.

Don't give up your health just because it's so difficult to find time after getting home from work. There are still ways to keep healthy despite the cramped schedule.

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