Staying Dry and Fashionable This Rainy Season

You’re looking at Tagaytay Homes for Sale and all of a sudden it’s raining cats and dogs, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up any time soon. Some people decide to just throw fashion out the window when the rain starts to pour and just settle for ugly pants, shoes, and a top because, hey, why dress up when you’re going to get all wet anyway?

Fear not, though, for you'll never have to ditch your sense of style
this rainy season again! Here are a few tips for dressing up during the rainy days.

1. Color up your outfit. Your outfit doesn’t have to be as depressing as the weather, so add a little color to brighten up your days, even if it’s going to be overcast most of the week.

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2. Accessorize with a cute umbrella. There are so many cute umbrellas available in stores like Japan Home, or get one (or three) of those colorful, decorated, or patterned one at the department store. This will add a splash of color to your outfit.

3. Pick out a jacket. It can be anything, a faux leather one, a sports jacket, a themed hoodie, anything. A jacket will always be the perfect piece of clothing for the rainy days. Or, if you don’t like wearing something that thick, you can go with a cardigan or a long-sleeved shirt.

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 4. Get yourself some rain boots. Go boring with brown or black, but there are many available designs and prints, such as polka dots, character prints like superheroes or cartoon characters, plaid, and much more! If you don’t like boots, why don’t you try out some jelly creepers? They come in all kinds of colors and all heights of heels, so you can look stylish, and you can avoid getting your feet wet.

5. Try out water resistant watches. You don’t want to be late for school or work, or anything scheduled if your watch gets wet, and you’re stuck at 8am! You have your phone to look at though, but hey, watches are accessories too. 
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6. You’ve tried out the jelly creepers, but what about jelly bags? Keep your leather bags at home and your belongings dry with jelly bags. They come in all colors and in transparent versions, too. Plus, they’re totally cute. 

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7. To avoid frizzy hair, tie your hair into a bun, a pony tail, or a braid. If you don’t want to tie it up, spray a little anti-frizz product on before you leave the house. 


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8. To keep your make up looking fresh, use a primer before putting on your foundation and the rest of your war paint, and to keep it all intact, spritz on some setting spray. Use a lip balm or a moisturizing lipstick or you’ll end up with chapped lips. 

9. Layer your clothes with a scarf on your neck to keep you warm on the bus, or a hat or a beanie to keep your head dry.

If it's really raining hard outside, it's probably best to stay at home and keep yourself warm. There are a lot of affordable electrical appliance in the Philippines that could keep you entertained and comfortable at your own home. Healthy and stylish is always better than sick and trashy. So be patient!

Also, aside from keeping your style on point, remember to take vitamin C to keep you healthy and protect you from illnesses that can be caught from getting drenched in the rain!

Micah Suarez is a freelance writer / researcher. She is also a book-buff and a movie-buff or in other words, a certified geek. Micah is an environmentalist, and though she doesn’t have a degree in science, research has taught her a lot of things. Her experience in writing started when she was in college and later developed into freelance entries. You can contact her through:


  1. Love that cool watch. Great tips, thx for sharing.

  2. Great tips Kylie! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  3. Colouring up is a fab idea! I always end up in dark colours when it's wet.

    Corinne x

  4. Tips are so perfect for the rainy season! I agree with everything especially the first one... Wear colors! We don't need to be as depressing as the rain. :D


  5. Great read and really useful tips! I'm so happy that the weather here is hot.

  6. You make a great point about our outfits not needing to match the weather - in fact, dreary weather is even more of a reason to bring out the bold, colourful looks! :)

  7. lovely tips, will definitely try this asap! thanks for sharing dear | Bloglovin x

  8. oh yes, it's been raining a lot in BKK! Btw when are you coming here?

  9. great tips

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