6 Tips For Prom To Avoid Fashion Mishaps

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Oh, prom night. That night when girls everywhere compete with one another for attention, long gazes, and Instagram likes.

And if there’s one thing for certain, no girl wants to be the one who has a public wardrobe malfunction on prom night. No way, no how. Nuh-uh. Especially with YouTube, Instagram, and SnapChat waiting in the wings to make the experience go viral.

So here's a guide to help you avoid the devastation that could come with a prom night wardrobe malfunction, and the embarrassment of what Mean Girls might do with such a malfunction.

Let’s begin with the basic stuff and work our way up to the life-threatening devastation only teenage girls can understand.

1. Underwear Lines

I know some ladies will say that it’s easier to not wear any underwear on uber-fancy occasions like prom because they can’t stand the chance of having underwear lines under their dresses that are in trend in 2016. Well, ew. I can’t chance the one string holding my dress up to snap and then have nothing below.

Lacy thongs are virtually invisible, but aren’t a hit with moms.  And they are pretty uncomfortable. I hate feeling like I got “hungry bum” all night with a string down my behind. Gross.

String bikini underwear, same thing. I prefer a hybrid; either high-waist or something a little more J-Lo. They don’t cover the whole butt, but they sure cover more than a thong, they look fancy, and they leave no trace. Next!

2. Blah Nail Polish

Either you over-do it and smudge it –or your nail polish chips off. In either case, fret not. Less is more. Take all of the nail polish off and go au naturelle with a clear coat.

3. Random Stains

Ok so you’re out about town and there it is. Mustard stain on the designer dress you just brought from the well known dress store - www.promdressshop.com. Solution: Tide-to-Go stain remover pen. Bam! Good as new –or at least it won’t stain. Do not rub it in, or you’ll make it worse. Dab it, and if it’s still there, try a little hand soap and water in the ladies room.

4. Hair Has a Mind of Its Own

Flat, stupid hair. For whatever reason, it keeps falling down, frizzing out; whatever. Solution: Braid it out or show even a little more neck with a hair bun. Most boys I know go nuts when they see the small of a girl’s neck. It’s the sexiest non-taboo part of your body you can proudly show off.

5. Torn Dress

Pack a whole lotta’ good, strong safety pins with you just in case you tear your dress. They’re easy to conceal because you can affix them to your dress in advance. Just make sure they’re in a place they can’t be prompted to open up and hurt you.

6. Horrible Fake Tan

Uh-oh. I don’t know what, but what is it with girls that try to look orange on homecoming? Seriously, ladies. Orange is not that “new black”! Orange will and has always looked silly. And if your any reason you have a mishap like this –like, you decide “hey I want a fake orange Jersey Shore-looking tan” –do it at least a week in advance, on a Friday evening (so you can hide indoors on Saturday and Sunday exfoliating the heck out of your skin). If you’re lucky, no one will notice.


  1. Yikes! Definitely don't want those to happen and this applies to all the other events.

  2. Great tips! Wish i kept in mind most of these during my prom lol :))

    Girl About Town Blog

  3. Within ten minutes of arriving my prom I managed to rip the netting of my dress on my heel!
    Summer xx

  4. Nice tips!! Prom for me was a long time ago! Haha.



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