How to Choose A Diamond Ring For Different Occasions

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For many decades, diamond rings have been synonymous with engagements. However, their beauty and desirability has made them extremely popular, and favoured, tokens to commemorate not only engagements, but a variety of other celebrations. Nothing quite capture’s your partner’s attention like a sensational, sparkling ring, and once she owns a gorgeous diamond ring, there is no doubt she will treasure it forever. We’d go so far as to say a stunning diamond ring is the perfect ring for any occasion, including your engagement.

·         Diamond Engagement Rings

An engagement is by far one of the most important days of your life. It makes sense that the ring you use to mark the occasion should be the ideal presentation of the emotions that go along with it. What’s more, diamond engagement rings demand a great deal of attention, so it should be something she will be proud to show off.

As for choosing the perfect ring, people tend to fall into two categories: those who desire a traditional ring style, and those who prefer something different and customised. You can choose from a wide collection of captivating engagement rings in Brisbane for more options.

If you are looking for a traditional style engagement ring, a classic diamond solitaire is the way to go. These timeless classics won’t go out of style. For a little twist on the classic design, you could choose an accent ring. These rings will have a main, central diamond that is flanked by stones on either side – usually gemstones or diamonds. If you would like all your rings to coordinate, consider a bridal set. In a set, the wedding and engagement ring – and occasionally an eternity ring – will all be designed to match and fit together snuggly.

·         How About Diamond Rings for Anniversaries?

You don’t have to limit diamond rings to engagements, each anniversary could be marked with a sparkly milestone. Traditionally, diamonds are used to mark a 60th wedding anniversary, but there is absolutely no reason to wait so long to take her breath away with a diamond ring.

A diamond eternity ring is the perfect token to commemorate an anniversary. They can either be full or half. A half eternity ring consists of gemstones around the front of the ring’s band, with a plain back. The full eternity ring will have stones all the way around it. While these rings are very special as anniversary gifts, they can really be given at any time to show your partner you love her.

·         Diamond Rings and Birthdays

Whether you plan on proposing to her on her birthday, or you just want something very special to present her with, a diamond ring will ensure she feels extra-special. Fashionable diamond rings are the most appropriate as birthday gifts if you are not popping the question. You may want to consider multi gemstone rings. With these, the diamonds are enhanced and further complemented with colourful birth stones, like emeralds, sapphires or rubies. These rings will show off the diamond beautifully without being over the top like an eternity ring or solitaire.

Whichever you decide to choose, a diamond engagement ring is by far the most breath-taking gift for your partner.

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