VALENTINE'S: Celebrating A Day Of Love

Wasn't it only Christmas a few days ago? It sure seems like it. Who would've thought that Valentine's Day is almost upon us so soon? To be honest, I used to absolutely hate this Hallmark-invented holiday because anything sweet and mushy always made me feel uncomfortable, but then I realized that if there's anything in this world worth celebrating, it's love (oh gosh, did I honestly just say that? *cringe*).

This year, I'm planning on celebrating Valentine's Day with a man who's very special to me, although we're not necessarily a couple at this time. We both agreed to enjoy each other's company and just see where it goes, without having to worry about conventional relationship labels. I guess we'll just cross that bridge when we come it.

Just for fun I decided to take a little test to find out what type of "Valentine's Day Couple" we are. You can also take the test below to see your results:

According to this test, my man and I are a "Casual Couple", which is true in every sense. I personally don't like going overboard when it comes to celebrating the day, meaning I don't really need the whole day to be planned out with surprises and to be treated to an extravagant dinner afterwards in order for Valentine's to feel perfect and complete. I just don't think that my man has to try so hard just to prove to me that he loves me, not that there's anything wrong with being showered with pricey gifts and flowers though. 

I do still like to give my man a gift or two during V-day, but it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. My choice of present to give him this year is something from Tommy John because you know, guys can never have too many boxers and undershirts.

As for the actual celebration itself, we'll probably just spend the day together at home watching movies (yes, I really do mean just watching movies) and order dinner or something. What about you? What type of Valentine's Day Couple are you? And how are you going to celebrate? I'd love to know so please do tell me all about your V-day plans in the comments section below!

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