OOTD: It feels like we only go backwards.

Admit it -- we all have our lazy days. You know, those times when you're too tired to get out of bed, let alone do your make-up or put together a nice outfit? Today was one of those days for me. On these types of occasions I usually rely on an all-black oversized pullover + leggings combo to get me through the day. This edgy piece from Killstar was a perfect choice since one can never go wrong with wearing all black, right? 

Since I'm not looking my best when I'm feeling lazy I also wear sunglasses to make up for my lack of make-up, then I usually just grab my most eye-catching handbag just to add a pop of color to my outfit and voila! I'm out the door looking comfortable yet still stylish.

(Excuse my hair, though. I seriously couldn't be bothered to try and make it look decent today)

Many girls believe that it's a crime to go out in public if you're not glammed up but that's not how it is here in the South. Where I live, people always prefer to dress in laidback fashion every single day (thank goodness!). Remember, it's okay to not look your best every once in a while. Most of us don't have an entire glam team to do our make-up for us and stylists to tell us what to wear. Let's just leave that kind of lifestyle to the Kardashians, shall we?

What about you? What's your "go-to" outfit on days when you just don't feel like making an effort? 

Pullover: KILLSTAR
Leggings: FOREVER 21
Sunglasses: RAY-BAN


  1. Looking good in that Catwoman top. Nice one!

  2. I feel you - when I'm short of time to do my makeup I also opt for sunglasses! Speaking of which, these look great on you!


  3. so cool look, stunning shoes
    new post on my blog <<< fashion blogger >>>
    have an happy day, kisses

  4. Your top is so cool! And looks very comfy too! Sometimes, I feel lazy too and it just gets me to nowhere haha.


  5. Kylie! Your lazy day outfit is better than the ones I manage to put together with so much thought. Haha. I really like how you can be so chic and edgy at the same time. BTW, those sneakers look so cool.


  6. My go-to on lazy days is jeans and a t-shirt or if I can muster the energy a blouse. This monochromatic black look is cute and with the bag, sunglasses and sneakers it still looks glam. Thanks for sharing!

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