GELISH & MORGAN TAYLOR launch new 'Beauty and the Beast' nail polish collection!

Gelish, the world's leading gel polish brand, and its sister brand, Morgan Taylor, have released a new set of nail polishes with a 'Beauty and the Beast' theme. The release comes just in time for the premiere of the live action film starring Emma Watson. To celebrate the launch of this magical collection, I was invited to enjoy a nail pampering session at Nail Cocktales in Tomas Morato.

Upon arriving at the venue, I was greeted with a beautiful sight -- a table adorned not only with decorations alluding to several elements from 'Beauty and the Beast', but also an abundance of various sweet treats.

helped myself to a cute Mrs. Potts-shaped cookie and a delicious drink before finally beginning my mani-pedi! 

As always I experienced nothing but stellar service from the Nail Cocktales staff. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the pampering session. The nail technician was very professional and I could tell that she really knew her thing so I was happy with how everything turned out. My hands have never felt more taken care of and my nails have never looked prettier!

The 'Beauty and the Best' nail polish collection by Morgan Taylor consists of six enchanting colors and one specialty coat: Days In The Sun (a yellow shade reminiscent of Belle's classic dress), Potts Of Tea (pearly white), Plumette With Excitement (light milky pink), Gaston And On And On (light blue), Be Our Guest (medium shade of pink), Enchanted Patina (a specialty coat that transforms any of the colors by giving them a vintage sheen), and my personal favorite, The Last Petal (a beautiful deep shade of red).

This collection is now available at all leading nail salons and spas.

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