Teaching Your Teens Proper Oral Hygiene Techniques

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Many children are often in their teenage years when they finally lose all their baby teeth, and it is essential that you educate them on excellent oral hygiene to be able to look after their teeth and keep them in excellent condition. If you can get the habit into them from a young age, the job is made much easier.

Below is a guide on what you need to teach your teens to do each day to look after their
teeth and keep them shining white.

See A Dentist Regularly

You will also want to get your children used to visiting the dentist regularly to try and prevent any irrational fears developing. You have to help them understand that the dentist is someone who will help them take better care of their teeth and handle dental problems expertly.

There are many excellent practices such as Sailors Bay Dentistry that have the expertise to make your children feel at ease when they visit. Sailors Bay Dentistry orthodontist is based near Chatswood, and whichever dentist you choose to visit, ensure that you see them at least every six months while your children’s teeth and gums are still growing.

Brush Twice A Day

Ideally, you will brush your teeth after every meal, but this is not practical in our modern lives so we should ensure that we brush our teeth at least two times in a day. Brush them first thing in the morning, after you have eaten breakfast, and then at night before bed. Get your children into the habit of doing this, and it is again something they will take with them into adulthood, giving them the basis for excellent oral hygiene.

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Do Not Forget To Brush Your Gums And Tongue

After you have finished brushing your teeth and before you rinse your mouth out, you will also want to give your gums a gentle brushing to help to keep them healthy and prevent gum disease. Give your tongue a proper brushing until it is pink again. This will also help to prevent bad breath, keeping your mouth feeling and smelling fresh.

Floss Daily
Another excellent habit that you will want to teach your teens is to floss your teeth daily, and the best time to do this would be before you go to sleep at night, after you have brushed your teeth. By doing so, you will remove any food particles stuck between the teeth that brushing could not lift and prevent acid from building up and destroying the tooth enamel.

Teach Them To Eat A Healthy Diet
There are many excellent reasons to teach your children to eat a healthy diet as it will benefit their overall health as well as their teeth and gums. Get them to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to keep them away from too much sugar, especially carbonated drinks. Teaching them to eat a healthy diet from a young age will give them the habit that they will take into adulthood.

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If you follow these tips and get your children into the habit of eating healthily and taking
good care of their teeth with proper oral hygiene, then you will help to keep their smile
shining white for many years to come.

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